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@Anon, so quickly? The posting was just like two weeks ago.

any hope

(nice/respectful) PFO from University of King's College (Limited Term position)


Yeah I got a rejection on Feb 9th from Warwick. Good luck to you!😊


Just confirming that I also got a quick-turnaround rejection from the Warwick job. *sigh*


Has anyone heard anything more about the Desai post-doc since they contacted the long-list?


Has anyone heard ... anything ... from JHU Hecht-Levi/Faden Bioethics Fellowship? Or Cleveland Clinic (second rounds)?


re: Desai, I haven't heard anything new but guessing soon since Gideon said they'd make the decision by mid-February.

long shot

@anon - I haven't heard about the Desai since being contacted for the long-list.

open sesame

Has anyone heard anything about the postdocs at the Rotman Institute of Philosophy in Canada?

WCU hopeful

Has anyone heard from Western Carolina since that initial "you've met the qualifications to be passed along for consideration" email?


Any news on the Penn MindCORE? Did those already go out?


Re: UW-Evans (Applied Ethics and Justice). I emailed the contact person and was told that "at this time we have moved forward in the process. I anticipate formal notice will be given to applicants in the next week regarding selection/non-selection."


Cleveland Clinic made an offer

I got a PFO from JHU Hecht-Levi/Faden Bioethics Fellowship when I asked what their timeline was.


@Disco2 Any chance you know if they took/are taking the Clev Clinic offer?


St Mary's is scheduling interviews.


@UW-Evans thanks for passing this along! Much appreciated.

Pitt post doc offer

Could I ask if the person(s) (who can remain anonymous) who received the offer from Pitt Center of Philosophy of Science post-doc plans to accept the offer? Or what other offers that person is waiting on?
I was notified that I was an "alternate", so any information about the relevant probabilities would be helpful.

Hey Nony

Anyone heard from Cornell's Digital Life Initiative Postdoc, Upenn's Global Innovation Postdoc, or Wake Forest's Leadership Postdoc? Thanks.


PFO from Niagara University, which was no surprise seeing as this is the first time I've heard from them since I applied!

Freedom=nothing else to lose

@WCU hopeful

I also got that email and have not heard anything since.

The waiting game is killing me. I sent out 56 applications this year, and have only heard back from about 18 so far (mostly rejections, 2 emails that said "we are working on it and you didn't get cut yet, so sit tight.", and one shortlist).


Any updates on any of the following? Thank you in advance:

Boston College (teach), Santa Clara U (lecturer), Mount St. Joseph U (TT, open)?


Has Durham University scheduled interviews for the moral/social/political position?

st olaf

pfo from st olaf


UNCW has made an offer which has been accepted


Any one hear from Belmont Abbey in NC? -Thanks

Another applicant

@molly I haven’t heard from Belmont Abbey either.
@curious I also haven’t heard from Durham.

Marcus Arvan

Just a quick moderator's note on these job-market threads: I have noticed an increasing number of comment submissions recently that aim to disparage or spread rumors about particular individuals or institutions. I understand job-market frustrations very much. However, this blog, given its stated mission, is not the place for this kind of thing.

Commenters may of course discuss what they did or did not like about, say, a particular rejection notice for example. But I will not approve comments that just seek to vent disparaging comments about this or that institution or search committee being 'the worst' or 'awful', or whatever.

Again, I entirely understand the desire to engage in this sort of thing - but this blog isn't the place for it, and I won't approve these kinds of comments. Thanks!



Fair enough.

But the communications in question, from the school in question, were exceptionally bad. That's why I attempted to post the comment. I have never given these things a second thought. Until now.


@WTAF Unfortunately, I don't know

tired tired

University of Mary is scheduling in-person flyouts.

Marcus Arvan

Thanks Anon - I get it. I endured some shockingly poor treatment during my time on the market as well. So I totally understand the urge to vent and/or call out bad actors. This blog just isn't the place for it. I appreciate you understanding.


Rhodes was an inside hire, right?


Enough, my read of the Rhodes job posting is that it's just announcing a Spring 2021 VAP position. (The posting doesn't include a rank, and the CV indicates only the VAP.)

hire me outside

anon's response to Enough is correct. If you look closely at the recent appointment announcement from Rhodes it is categorized as 'junior/other' rather than 'junior/tenure-track'. So it's announcing the person's VAP.

There is no reason to suspect that Rhodes is doing any inside hiring.


Thank you for the correction, I hope you're right...


Any news about cambridge??


I am in a unique position to confirm that anon (2/20/2021 at 9:00am) and hire me outside are correct. Rest easy, Enough.


What does VAP mean?


VAP = visiting assistant professor


thanks, NH. And am I right that this means a fixed-term teaching position that pays much better than an adjunct?


though to follow up on the rhodes thing, even though the recent hire thing on philjobs may have been for a spring 2021 VAP, what stops one from thinking that the person hired for that position won't be a favorite for Fall 2021 TT position given the description of the candidate they're looking for and VAP's AOS and AOC?

Just a thought.
Of course one shouldn't waste time worrying about such things and Marcus has often pointed out that its wrong to assume an internal candidate will get a job, but all the same, it's kind of a bad look to announce a recent VAP hire that just happens to have the exact same qualifications as the TT position you concurrently announced.


has anyone heard any updates or an updated timeline re Princeton Desai?
anything from UNC post-doc?
is anyone planning on declining the Bersoff?


Any news on the Arizona State bioethics lecturer position? Thanks.


@waiting4ever: I haven't heard any updates about the Desai since the info about being on the long list, back in January. Also nothing about the UNC post-doc.


Any news re: the Boston College job?

not the offeree

Princeton Desai has made an offer.


Does anybody have any information about the two Harvard embedded ethics postdocs?

what todo

Any news on any of the following? Thank you in advance:
Rotman Institute (postdocs, PhilSci), Bilkent (TT, Turkey), and Boğaziçi (TT, Turkey)?


@what todo, Bilkent has moved into second-round interviews, not sure whether they've made an offer.

tired tired

Polite PFO from Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics (Harvard Ethics post doc) https://philjobs.org/job/show/15882


PFO from Loyola (TT, bioethics) that ended with an encouragement to check out an HR link to other job listings and “qualifications” at Loyola, which seemed like a weird and impersonal touch. A good way to make it clear that the hiring committee itself didn’t bother to craft the rejection letters, I guess.


PFOs from Princeton Desai and Harvard Safra.

what to do

@bilkent, thanks for the update!


@hopeful - the first Harvard embedded ethics postdoc invited interviews (I reached out to them for an answer). I'm still waiting on any news regarding the second one myself.


Anyone hear from Durham or Manchester?

anon, anon

Muhlenberg VAP has sent out first-round interview invites.


western Carolina PFO


@anon-When did you hear from Western Carolina?


today; i got a response to an e-mail i had sent inquiring about the search:

"The committee chose ten semi-finalists, and I regret to inform you that you were not amongst them. Though it might sound cliché, the competition was extraordinarily tough. We had over 200 applicants, many of whom are very, very strong."

I suppose its possible they haven't notified the semi-finalists yet.

recent phd

Longlisted by Durham's Assistant Professor in Political Theory.

doin OK

Anyone hear anything about Oklahoma State?


Has anyone heard from Georgia State Perimeter? They had two TTs and a Lecturer position.


Any update on the Islamic Philosophy position at Loyola?


Polonsky Fellowship - invitation to the final-stage interview


PFOs from Carleton and both Roots of Responsibility postdocs

circling the drain

PFO from Carleton


About Western Carolina -- has anyone gotten one of those "you're one of the 10 semi-finalists" emails from them yet?


PFO from Carleton.

@Anonaman- I have not gotten a "you're one of the 10 semi-finalists" email yet. I have also not gotten a pfo. My assumption is that they haven't sent out mass PFOs because the previous person who posted about this said they got their PFO after emailing WC. I decided to email them and ask about the status of my application. I will update when I know more.

doin OK

@Anonaman, I haven't gotten a PFO from WC, nor have I gotten notice that I'm a semi-finalist. I did make it through the initial cut a couple weeks ago. But I have gotten *very few* interviews or PFOs this year so I think people just don't like to email me.

anon OK

@doin OK
I heard from Oklahoma State the following on 2/16: "Dr. Gelfand asked me to update you and let you know that the department will be meeting in early March to do a final review of applications and select finalists for first round of interviews."

also applied

@adrift @circlingthedrain was the Carleton PFO a form letter type of email?


@ doin OK Oklahoma State sent out an email saying they'll meet in early March to select candidates for first round interviews.

circling the drain

@also applied, it was a pretty formulaic pfo sent by the dept. administrator. Loads of applicants, hard decisions, sorry we couldn't give better news, etc.

doin OK

Thanks to both of you! I wonder why I don't ever get these emails that all other applicants get...

Hey Nony

@doin OK - you might want to check your spam / junk folder. Form letters and such can sometimes wind up in there.


I still haven't heard either way about the JHU Hecht-Levi postdoc. Does anyone know if they've made decisions yet?

(A previous commenter mentioned they had received a PFO after emailing the JHU folks, so I emailed JHU as well about a week or 10 days ago, but have so far heard nothing.)


Interview for McCoy Center for Ethics at Stanford.


Anyone heard from St. Andrews?

Anxiously Awaiting

How about Rhodes Memphis?


PFO from Groningen.


Someone a few weeks ago had news on U of Alberta (phil sc and tech) saying that they were going to meet in late February. Anyone got other news?


Has anyone heard from Mount St. Joseph? I’m assuming it’s normal to take a bit, their dept seems small...

Boston hopeful

@bc first round interview request from Boston College came through Wednesday of this week

open sesame

@ Alberta? I haven't heard anything from them either. They let everyone wait forever. I don't think I would be long- or short-listed for the job. But still, this is very disrespectful.


Offer made for UMass Lowell postdoc in war/AI. Search closed for Georgia Southern. Interview requests sent for Western Carolina.


Has anyone heard anything from Penn MindCORE?
What about the second Harvard embedded ethics postdoc?

Paranoid also

@paranoid_but_informed did WCU send an email about interviews, or just make the withdrawals from Interfolio? Thanks!


@Paranoid also: WCU sent an email. Sounds like they had 200 apps, but no word on how many semi-finalists they've selected or if they've contacted them. If your letters were solicited via Interfolio, it's a good sign.


PFO UW Evans School (Ethics & Justice). Search process "concluded."

postdoc #3

@Alberta & @open sesame my guess is that Alberta had to wait for the line to be funded (or not), and the provincial government just released the university budget today. 11% cut from 2 years ago. So my guess is that nothing disrespectful is happening and whether or not the search moves forward will be out of the department's hands.


PFO from UNC Faculty Diversity Postdoc.


Sesame and postdoc3: thanks!

Cincinnati Dreamin'

@Ohio, I'm not sure what the deal with Mount St. Joseph University and their job is. They ran basically the same job ad last year, no one reported hearing back from them here (unless I missed something), and they didn't respond to my email(s) requesting an update.

I applied again this year and, again, haven't heard anything from anyone.


Has anyone received any positive information from the UNC faculty diversity postdoc? I haven't heard anything from them, including the PFO


Santa Clara renewable term lecture position — just got a rejection email.

santa clara

PFO from Santa Clara (https://philjobs.org/job/show/16418).

Anxiety is the Dizziness of the Job Market

Interview request from UW-Superior (lecturer position). Also, has anyone heard from Southeastern Oklahoma State?

brown PTP

Has anyone been contacted about interviews for the Brown Political Theory Project?

anon SBU

Wondering if anyone with a first round at st. Bonaventure has heard back about a second


PFO from JHU Hecht-Levi post-doc

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