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Has anybody heard from St. Andrews (ancient)?


I’m sorry to tell you this, but UNC Wilmington has already invited people for the fly outs some time ago.


just found this site--sorry that some of this info is a bit late, and extra apologies if it's already been covered and i missed it! UBC (ethics) scheduled virtual flyouts a few weeks ago. Harper-Schmidt says over email today that interviews for some positions have begun but the search process is still ongoing. anyone know whether UNC chapel hill (open) has made an offer yet, or scheduled flyouts?

Sleepless in Seattle

Any word from Dartmouth regarding their tenure-track position?

The deadline was November 1st.


@sleepless in seattle

Dartmouth seems to be in advance stages for their TT position (from an indirect comment about what they hope for next year).

phi sci

PFO from Leeds


WTF is going on at HKU? They've just sent a weird and vague email stating that "In light of new circumstances, and after extensive discussions with the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and myself, as Head of the School of Humanities, the Department of Philosophy has decided to reframe its ongoing searches and restart the search process for this post."

st andrews

st. andrews has scheduled virtual flyouts.


Shortlisted at St. Andrews (ancient).


@st andrews Was this for the ancient position or the two open positions?


@anon: UNC-CH has had flyouts for the open position.

postdoc #3

Any word about the University of Edinburgh Chancellor's Fellowship ( https://philjobs.org/job/show/16042 )?


Anyone knows what happened to the phil med search at the University of Alabama?


@Postdoc #3:

Unless they have already contacted (only) short-listers, the Edinburgh Chancellor's Fellowship posting said they would be scheduling interviews "in February", and that they would be trying to give two weeks notice, so if they are on schedule, they should be contacting shortlisted candidates in the next ten days or so.


@Alabama someone earlier in the thread reported that they'd scheduled virtual fly outs for the phil med position

Sleepless in Seattle

@ dartanon

Does 'advanced stages' mean they are just about to schedule first-round interviews?

Or does 'advanced stages' mean they are at, or past the point of, scheduling second-round interviews?


@Sleepless in Seattle

It was my impression that they're on second-round interviews, if not further (the comment was about specific people(?) they hoped to hire for next year, I think...hoping I didn't misunderstand!)

job market is hard

PFO from Medical College of Wisconsin

post doc waiting game

PFO from Pitt philosophy of science post doc

Groundhog Day

Has anyone received word regarding these two cluster hires in race:

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Northeastern University


Stanford postdoc (Ethic in Society center) have made offers


PFO from Lawrence


edinburgh has made virtual flyout offers.


Shortlisted for Bence Nanay's Antwerp postdoc.

Freedom=nothing else to lose

Late to the party, but here are some PFOs I have gotten:

Bard College
St. Bonaventure University
Georgia Southern University
Jain Family Institute
Utah Valley University
Jain Family Institute
Baltimore City Community College
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Georgia College & State University
University of Otago
Hamilton College
Virginia Tech
Villanova University
University of British Columbia

Freedom=nothing else to lose

Has anyone heard from Western Carolina University?

not yet free

@Freedom=nothing, thanks for the update. Two questions, if I may:

When was the Baltimore City CC PFO dated?

Does "Georgia [...] State University" refer to the Georgia State (ancient, TT) job? Thanks!

Janis Joblin


I received an HR email from WCU about a week ago saying that I had met the minimum qualifications for the position, and that, consequently, my application was forwarded to (I assume) the search committee. Nothing beyond that.


@freedom=nothing else to lose

Got a procedural sounding email from Western Carolina U that my application had moved to the next review stage. Email came a week or so ago.

Well ok

Has anyone heard from Dartmouth Mellon Postdoc?


@well ok

Dartmouth's Mellon Postdoc invited respective departments to interview shortlisted candidates; the humanities center will meet next week to discuss. I suppose they'll make offers the following week or so

Sleepless in Seattle

Has anyone received word regarding Dartmouth's Guarini Dean's Postdoc in Latin American Latino and Caribbean Studies?

xmas spirit

I don't understand this info about dartmouth post doc. So they contacted people alreadg or what? What is the humanities center?? They will make offers? So they already contacted people?


@xmas spirit

Basically, yes, they already interviewed people and should be making decisions next week.

The Dartmouth mellon postdoc is run by their humanities center and open to fields other than philosophy. The center longlists candidates, asks the relevant departments (who would host the postdoc) to interview them, and will make final decisions partly based on interview reports.

Johns Hopkins

Did anything end up happening yet with the Johns Hopkins foundations or mind or mental disorder postdocs?

xmas spirit

Haven't heard anything about Hopkins post doc. This whole process is fking awful

Sleepless in Seattle

@Xmas Spirit

From what I gather, Dartmouth's Mellon postdoc differs from the Guarini Dean's postdoc.

I've not seen any info reported regarding the Guarini Dean's postdoc.


To prevent this thread from becoming even more unwieldy than it already is, two requests:

1. Keep in mind there is a separate thread called 'job market discussion' where some of these conversations may be more appropriate.

2. Please try and read the thread before inquiring about the status of a job because chances are good there has already been someone who shared an update about what you're asking.


Lottery player n

vanilla form pfo from Dartmouth (Phil/govt TT).

200 applicants.

Curious to learn about the patterns of these hires.


@lottery player n

By "these hires," do you mean this year's? Why do you (already) think there might be patterns to it?

georgia state Phil ed

Has anyone heard back from the Georgia State philosophy of education/ancient post? It was the first of two job ads from Georgia State.


If we're not going to discuss it further here, can I also end by asking Originally fromHK to elaborate on the other job market thread? I too am interested in working there. Any thoughts in particular about departments other than HKU?

monday not so fun day

PFO from Dartmouth (political, they report > 200 applications)

PFO from Missouri (Faculty diversity Postdoc, they report 477 applications, a record for them)

UNCW is in the final stages: they are interviewing their final finalist (out of, I believe 4) tomorrow 2/9 and hope to make an offer shortly after.

University of Mary may still be reviewing applications: I received a call late Friday letting me know I've advanced to the next stage.

post doc

PFO from York University perception post doc

postdoc #3

Virtual flyout/invitation to interview for Edinburgh's Chancellor's Fellow at the Centre for Technomoral Futures ( https://philjobs.org/job/show/16042 ). Had to turn it down because of a conflict -- their timing is totally inflexible -- so hopefully they can offer it to someone else. Clear your calendars for Feb 17th and 18th ...

are things speeding up

Harvard is scheduling first-round interviews for their Embedded EthiCS post-doc


Does anyone know about the Harvard Embedded EthiCS job posted today? Isn't this job exactly the same as the earlier one? https://philjobs.org/job/show/16158
I wonder what's going on...


@perplexed - The new Embedded EthiCS posting is for a slightly different role - the unique responsibilities for the new position are:

"serving as liaison with the NCSoft Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT; serving as liaison with other developing Embedded EthiCS teams; helping to develop and run a workshop for schools interested in developing an Embedded EthiCS program"

VAP Life

@monday not so fun day

Regarding U of Mary: did this call occur after your first-round interview? Or were they calling to schedule a first-round interview?


@anon - Thank you for the clarification!

Freedom=nothing else to lose

@not free yet

Baltimore City CC emailed me Jan 1st.

The Georgia State was an applied ethics position.


Did anyone get a PFO from St. Andrews (ancient)?


Does anyone know if the Pitt postdoc made offers? I saw that someone reported they got a PFO from them a few days ago. But I heard nothing, so I wonder if anyone knows more about the situation.

monday not so fun day

@VAP Life In my case, this call was to schedule a first-round interview, which I have not yet had. I know others are at a different stage of the process, but I was meaning to let people know that they may still be adding to their list for the first-round.

Originally fromHK

@weird There are two problems with HK academia. The first is the top down administrative style that is highly problematic for someone coming from American academia. The second is the national security law. I'm from HK, but unfortunately, see no possibility of returning, which may color my view of jobs there.

Also, keep in mind to not believe anything you are told that is not in your contract, if you do take a job there.


Has anyone had any contact from College of Charleston yet?


ethics and epistemology postdoc at helsinki has contacted a longlist of ten


Has anyone heard from Rotman Institute (scientific practice, social epistemology, social justice, etc.)?


PFO Warwick TT


Re Copenhagen Business School - sorry for not replying earlier, I don’t visit this website too often. I found the announcement for that job on their website, in English.

I’ve now discovered that the Ass Prof position has been offered to a person who NOT ONLY did her PhD at their department and school, but ALSO her postdoc there. She has been there since 2011. It looks like they had an internal candidate for this post from the start, and that (to put it mildly) the committee was biased, or (to put it more bluntly) it was a fake search. I can’t believe how much time and nerves I’d wasted prepping for interviews with them and getting my hopes. (So much for their statement that they’re striving to make the school more international and attract faculty with prestigious, foreign degrees.)


Anyone heard from the Berlin postdoc in 'Human Abilities'?

Dan Waxman

I had a job in HK until recently. I mostly agree with Originally from HK about the downsides. (I'd also add that the pollution can be miserable). But there are definitely upsides too:

HK is a great, world-class city. Excellent food, nice people, pleasant weather, and (surprisingly to me when I first arrived) lots of beautiful nature. Jobs can be very comfortable: mine had a reasonable teaching load, good salary, little admin. Although the cost of living is high (especially housing), the salary and low taxes more than make up for it; I managed to save a high proportion of my income without living especially frugally. The philosophy community is small but friendly, and HK has managed to attract some good people recently, so there are reasons to be optimistic about its trajectory.

If anyone has more specific questions, I'd be happy to talk over email (danielwaxman@gmail.com).


Any news from the Colby VAP?

Has anyone heard anything about the Postdoc in Cognitive Science of Values with Tania Lombrozo at Princeton?


Has anyone heard about the post-doc at Chicago, for the Law and Philosophy fellow?

bioethics forever

College of Charleston is scheduling first-round interviews.

I got a personalized rejection email for the JHU philosophy of mental disorder postdoc on Monday, so I imagine they will contact interviewees very soon (if they haven't already).

Has anyone heard from NIH?


Has anyone heard from Durham, UCL, KU Leuven, Oklahoma State, Western Carolina, Groningen (Kant postdoc), or TU Munich?


Has anyone heard about the King's College University (Canada) VAP?

CogSci, on the Fly

@wondering, the Lombrozo lab began interviewing candidates the week of Jan 25th, but whoever gets nominated also has to make it through the Princeton Center for Human Values bureaucracy, which could take a few weeks.


Anyone heard from: Leiden, Johns Hopkins Hecht-Levi postdoc, or NYU bioethics faculty fellow?



Thanks so much for answering. I am so sorry. Ordinarily I would say that there isn't quite enough evidence to conclude that (although likely on it's own considering) it was a sham ad. But the fact that it wasn't more widely advertised in conjunction with what you say basically confirms it I'm afraid. Absolutely unforgivable behavior. :( I know sometimes university admin requires positions to be advertised publicly but I cannot believe it is impossible to use subtext to make this clear to external applicants.

xmas spirit

Does anyone know whether Pitt is conducting interviews for the post doc or if someone was offered the fellowship without the interview?


Anyone news on the NIH Bioethics post-doc?


Pitt postdoc made an offer today. No prior interviews.

xmas spirit

Is the person getting an offer from pitt likely accepting it? Thanks


Anybody hear anything from Bilkent University (in relation to this job: https://philjobs.org/job/show/16218)?

the waiting is hard

Northeastern (teaching professor in information ethics) is scheduling first-round interviews.

xmas spirit

PFO from Johns Hopkins Mental Disorder Post Doc. Fk, really wanted that one :(

which search did they decide first?

Has anyone heard from Utah Valley University yet in regard to either the asian phil or epistemology position (post final round interviews)?

Freedom=nothing left to lose


The think you included seems to not be working, but I applied to Bilkent and have not yet heard anything.


@which search did they decide first: I think Utah Valley are supposed to decide on both searches by the end of this week


PFO from Georgia Southern's philosophy of race TT search.

human person

Durham University is informing long-listed candidates for Assistant Professor in Environmental Philosophy (PHIL21-52).

antwerp, again, again

Has anyone gotten an offer from Antwerp in connection with Nanay's postdocs?


antwerp: yes, at least one person has accepted one of the postdocs (but I have no idea if they are staggered, etc.)


NYU (Bioethics, AP/Faculty Fellow) has notified people on their longlist.

UMass Lowell (AI/Ethics, Postdoc) has scheduled interviews.


@Freedom=nothing left to lose

Thanks. Here's the functioning link for the Bilkent job:

If anybody has updates about that job and can share them here, I'll be supremely appreciative. And of course I will share info here when/if I have it as well.

xmas spirit

Has anyone heard anything about the University of North Carolina diversity post doc? Or the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study faculty fellowship on "resilience"?


@xmas spirit: I also haven't heard anything from UNC diversity postdoc and don't know anything about their timeline unfortunately. If others have insight would love to hear!


Does anyone know whether St. Andrews has a shortlist yet for the two Lecturer positions (AOS: Open)?
(I know that finalists for the Ancient position have already been contacted, but I haven't seen anything here about the other lectureships.)

Still have a chance

Anyone heard anything from St. Mary's in Nova Scotia?


Helsinki (ethics/epistemology, postdoc) has scheduled interviews.


Any news on second-round/on-campus interview decision from LSU?


@patient St. Andrews has notified folks on the short list for the open positions-- I heard they're conducting interviews etc. this week


@UK: Thanks for the info! (It's good to know.)


(Reasonably personable) PFO from Leiden (University Lecturership in Practical Philosophy)

Jamin Asay

If anyone would like actual information about the HKU posts or working in Hong Kong more generally, please feel free to contact me. Originally fromHK's speculations are simply that, and incorrect. The funding has not been pulled (by the dean or anyone else), and a new search will begin very soon. I don't think my department is in disarray, nor that this forum is a helpful place for spreading rumors.


Anyone heard about the Warwick job?


Any news on the Colby VAP?

sitting waiting wishing

(nice/respectful) PFO from University College London (Lecturer in Political Theory)


Warwick sent PFOs last week

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