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Miss Ouri

University of Missouri post doc (faculty diversity) have contacted people they intend to interview


@Had it, it seemed like a more personalized rejection that was for the first round interviewees who didn’t make it to the virtual fly out round. They’d promised they’d get back to us by a certain time so I think it was a courtesy for that.

Post doc

@Antwerp I have not heard anything about the Nanay post doc so far.

Had it

Mac, what you say confirms my suspicion. Those of us who do not make it to a short list are seen so low that we're not even worth pfos.

xmas spirit

@ had it -It's definitely the toughest year they say. I think that checking this site makes rejection even more difficult because it feels like _social rejection_, rather than an impersonal machine of chance. Once you hear that so and so (even if anonymous) got an interview, you start feeling "uninvited". It's very hard to fight those feelings, but we must compartmentalize and move on.

job market is hard

Has anyone heard from Houston? a lot of the other places I'm waiting on I see chatter above, but not that one.

Last chance!

@Had it:
Don't fret; they'll probably send us a PFO sometime next autumn.


Request for initial interview for the post-doc at Chicago's Pozen Center for Human Rights

another anon

Stanford postdoc (the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society) are scheduling first-round interviews

@Had it: I hear you, the job market process is terrible. I feel it too.

Antwerp, again.

I know candidates have been shortlisted for the Antwerp positions, not sure if offers have gone out.

Had it

@ <3
Thank you :) it's not easy being one of the untouchables... knowing there are others provides consolation even if just a little...

boop boop

@ ‘job market is hard’ I found out indirectly about a month ago that Houston filled the position. Would have been nice to receive any communication, especially given that they didn’t notify applicants when the search was cancelled last cycle, and especially given how unusual their timeline was.

@ ‘had it’ So much of this process is designed to make people who don’t get the job feel extremely small, and much of it can be mitigated with minimal courtesies from hiring committees. The fact that they can’t even spare a few minutes to send a completely generic rejection letter after hundreds of people spent their time personalizing their application materials says more about the hiring committee and the profession than it does about job applicants. Hang in there, many of us feel the same way.

job market is hard

@ boop boop thanks! yeah, I didn't hear anything either, so I appreciate you letting me know. It's hard for me to understand why these places can't just send a form email saying the position has been filled.

updating the spreadsheet

Any word on U Chicago (Harper Schmidt teaching fellowship), Baltimore City CC (open), Southeastern Oklahoma State (open), CC of Baltimore County (open), St Andrews (open lecturer), or St Andrews (ancient lecturer)?

JHU post doc

@xmas spirit have you heard anything more about whether the JHU mental disorder post doc has contacted people on the short list yet?

xmas spirit

Haven't heard anything about the JHU mental disorder post doc.


Any update on the Notre Dame tech ethics job? Only my academia dot edu account is getting a LOT of ND pings right now, and I definitely wasn't in the first round of interviews.


ND TEC recently notified finalists who passed the first round interview

same boat

@updating the spreadsheet
I haven't heard from Southeaster Oklahoma State either.


Any word on UConn cluster hire position after the update they sent on Jan 13?

cross it off the spreadsheet

According to the below listing, interviews went out today for the Harper-Schmidt Teaching Fellowships at U Chicago:



Any word on the following?

Dartmouth TT (deadline 11/01/20)

Northeastern University’s cluster hire in race

Rhode Island School of Design’s (RISD) cluster hire in hire in race

Yale TT

George Mason TT


PFO from Utrecht (bioethics)

open sesame

PFO from Polonsky postdoc.


George Mason has begun to schedule first-round interviews.


Has anyone heard from the York perception post doc?

NIH Bioethics

Any news about the NIH Bioethics Post-Doc? (Or am I being too impatient?)


@ 'cross it off the spreadsheet', on that wiki -- which is indeed the place to look for those looking for info on the Harper Schmidt fellow positions -- it is only someone reporting interview request for 2 of the non-philosophy humanities categories, so, that doesn't mean that any philosophy interview requests or any of the other streams went out.


PFO from University of Toronto (TT PhilSci)

another anon

Tübingen is scheduling interviews.


@NIH Bioethics: Last year, I received a rejection from the NIH on March 12th. IIRC, they also had the same deadline last year as this year. While I don't know what day they sent out acceptances, it's probably still a bit too early to expect info, I assume.

NIH Bioethics

@anon: Many thanks. I noticed on last year's thread that there was word of a shortlist toward the end of January, which is why I thought there might be some news soon. Back to waiting, I guess. Best of luck :)


@another anon: Would you mind sharing which of the Tübingen positions you are referring to? The Kant/German Idealism one or the Machine Learning one? Thanks!


NIH should be sending interview invitations this week or early next week, and aiming to make offers by mid February.


@York: I have not heard anything about the York perception postdoc, but am also quite curious. The deadline was back in Nov.


PFO from Brown (Political Theory Project)


Yale has scheduled virtual flyouts for its applied ethics/social and political philosophy assistant prof. search.

job market is hard

PFO from Yale (applied ethics / social and political assistant prof).

anon UK

Any word from Cambridge or St. Andrews?


PFO from Yale. I think it says something that I was ecstatic to get a rejection letter. So nice to hear anything whatsoever, compared to the rest of the universities I'm waiting on. Thank you, Yale!

lottery player n

PFO from Yale University.


Has anyone heard anything about the UNC Chapel Hill post doc?


Has anyone else not heard from Yale yet one way or the other?

uninformative sorry!

Nothing on my end from UNC postdoc, Cambridge, or St Andrews. also received the Yale PFO.

any news

Has anyone heard from Harvard (embedded ethics postdoc) or Bogazici University (TT, open)?

another anon

@Tübingen Apologies, I didn't realize there were two. I meant the Kant/German Idealism one!


@another anon: Thanks!

Anon wondering

Any word yet on Bard?

Any word on Cambridge (ethics or Pol phil)?

Any word on St. Mary's?

passing it on

@Anon wondering- Back on 01/22/2021 at 10:12 AM "Bard" said Bard had scheduled interviews and would contact finalists by the end of the month


Has anyone heard from Lawrence?


Bard has notified finalists

Last chance!

Also wondering about Lawrence. It's just over 2 weeks since their last scheduled first-round interview, and they told me at the interview to expect to hear back in 2 - 3 weeks.


@question I had a first-round interview with Lawrence and still haven't heard back yet.


@grapevine do you know when the emails for virtual flyouts went out?


Has anyone heard back from Niagara University or Alabama?


pfo from bard, sort of a bizarre note

Little bird

PFO from Bard


Anyone heard positively from Brown Political Theory Project? No PFO yet

PFO from Bard, Yale

UNC Chapel Hill PPE sends vague email about process.


I had a first round for the UConn cluster hire and they said next week I should hear about second round interviews.


anon@ 4:26pm, did the Yale PFO come today or on 1/27?

Alabama (philosophy of medicine) has scheduled virtual fly outs.


Where was this "cluster hire" advertised?


@anon and @Last chance! I was told I will hear from them by the end of January.

job market is hard

PFO from USC (society of fellows in the humanities). They shared that they got a staggering 1187 applications for the 5 fellowships they were awarding!

@anon @445 pm I received the Yale PFO on 1/27.

SoCal SoWow

USC Society of Fellows in the Humanities has notified semi-finalists.


PFO from Bard


Ahmedabad University is scheduling virtual flyouts.


@annie I too am wondering what this UConn cluster hire business is about. I don’t recall seeing it on philjobs.


for anyone wondering about FGCU, I heard secondhand (not from HR or the search committee) that they moved on to second round interviews and had notified someone during the second week of January.

i have never seen a school communicate so poorly with its interviewees. its pretty unfortunate and honestly, i'd go so far as disgraceful.

my basic understanding is the search committee's hands are tied by hr policies about how they can communicate but honestly, i don't care.

to just get radio silence a month and half after interviewing is disgraceful and to have to find out second hand that they moved on . . . uggh, nuff said.

anonymous placement director


It's bizarre that such a prominent department wouldn't advertise this on philjobs, but maybe they had specific targets in mind and didn't want to widely advertise?

anonymous placement director

(Addition to my last comment: it's less bizarre now that I looked carefully at the ad; it looks like for some reason it's a single committee hiring all of these people, and neither of the chairs of the committee are (primarily) philosophers, so they probably just weren't aware of philjobs.)


Has anyone heard from Georgia Southern University for the applied ethics position?


PFO for GA Southern applied ethics (maybe a month ago)


@XYZ: I'm not sure if you're asking about first or second round interviews. Georgia Southern conducted first round interviews already; but, as far as I'm aware, hasn't made any decisions yet regarding the second round.


I know someone who got an 'on campus' at Lawrence. Sorry.

Last chance!

@second-hand: ah, well. Best of luck to them!


Any word regarding GA Southern philosophy of race?

And I wonder...

Anyone heard from the MIT postdoc, Harvard Embedded Ethics postdoc, UPenn Global Innovation postdoc, Rotman Institute postdoc, Wake Forest leadership postdoc, Cornell's DLI postdoc, or Northeastern's assistant teaching prof? Thanks!

Anon wondering


GA Southern has done a first round of interviews. Not sure if applicants have been contacted for virtual flyouts.

job market is hard

@anon interesting! I've heard nothing at all (either way) from Georgia Southern (re: applied ethics). Is it possible they sent PFOs only to some people but not others? Are we noticing this with other jobs, too?


I know someone who got on campus for GA southern applied ethics.


Has anyone heard from the JHU philosophy of mental disorder postdoc or from NIH bioethics yet?


@anon I have not heard anything about the mental disorder post doc either, although someone on this thread a while back had heard they were expecting to have a shortlist by the end of January. Still hoping to hear back soon...


@ Tom: yes, and there is another post early on asking about where the Copenhagen Business School job was advertised and which no one answered—I also never saw and ad that job. I find it discouraging that people won't take the time to answer these simple pleas.


Has anyone heard anything at all from UW-Evans School for the ethics and justice position, after first-round interviews? They said they'd be in touch (one way or the other) by mid-January, but I haven't heard anything, nor seen any news on here about it. Very curious to know.


@Anon, I had a first-round interview with UW-Evans and haven't heard back from them either.


@exasperated: same here

Anon the Third

@Anon + exasperated: I'm in the same situation.

VAP Life

University of Mary has scheduled first-round interviews


Any information about the Pitt HPS post doc?

also applied

@VAP Life did University of Mary do that today? Or earlier last week? Thank you!


Anyone info about HKUST or CUHK?

UK curious

any word from Cambridge or St. Andrews?


cambridge has scheduled virtual flyouts.

VAP Life

@also applied

This week, in my case. But I think other interview requests may have been sent out earlier. Don't know how much earlier, how many, etc. Hope that helps!

UK curious

@cambridge thanks! do you know when that happened?


CUHK has scheduled virtual flyouts as well.


Any word about Dartmouth TT, Leiden, KU Leuven, Warwick, UCL (political theory), or Mount Joseph?

postdoc no. 2

Any news about flyouts from UNC Wilmington? (prelim interviews were in mid dec)


@postdoc no. 2, flyouts were scheduled for UNC Wilmington.

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