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Thank you, phil!

m i t

MIT tech ethics/social and political has gone straight to virtual fly-outs (https://philjobs.org/job/show/15958).


are most of the interviews scheduled already? cambridge? yale? toronto phil sci? johns hopkins? berkeley? no news from either of these places. should i still be hopeful to receive an interview request or is the time kind of over for the 2021 job interviews?


Johns Hopkins and Berkeley have gone straight to virtual fly-outs.


Someone reported earlier that Toronto phil sci also went to virtual flyouts. I will add to the list of questions: Does anyone know if National University of Singapore decided on a shortlist?


@A I heard that NUS has made a list of finalists and scheduled virtual flyouts.


Thanks, anon!


Any updated news about Northeastern?

n o r t h e a s t e r n

@Islander, Northeastern has begun virtual flyouts.


When did MIT send the details about the virtual flyouts? any details?

santa clara

Santa clara tech ethics has scheduled for virtual flyouts.

Aness Webster

McMaster (phil. law) has scheduled virtual flyouts.


PFO from Oxford Somerville College Fellowship


Has anyone heard any news from UNC postdoc or Princeton Desai Postdoc? Or does anyone know/have insight into/can make an educated guess about their timelines?

m i t

@mit? MIT sent one virtual fly-out invitation on January 9th -- I don't know about others.


Does anyone remember, in more detail than me, Macalester's timeline for getting in touch about the next stage? (Or alternatively, has someone heard back already?)


Does anyone know whether Dartmouth (Social-Political, TT) has reached out to folks to schedule first round interviews?

Mac hopeful

@macanon, I was also interviewed and I think? they told me they were aiming to inform people by the 13th or 14th. I haven’t heard anything yet either, but hopefully we will in a couple of days!


Any news on Loyola Islamic philosophy position?


Utah Valley University (TT, epistemology) are scheduling virtual flyouts

northeastern followup

@islander / @northeastern: which position was this?

n o r t h e a s t e r n

@northeastern followup, virtual fly-outs have begun for the Northeastern tech ethics TT position, the one that is joint between philosophy and computer science https://philjobs.org/job/show/16166 The Northeastern teaching professor position, https://philjobs.org/job/show/16522 will be open until February 1st.


University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston is scheduling Zoom interviews for their TT bioethics position.

followup on hopeandfear's questions

Any updates on Yale or Cambridge?


Loyola Islamic philosophy had first round interviews last week. Any news on finalists?


Any word on Loyola bioethics?


Anyone hear back from UChicago/Harper Schmidt Fellowship after receiving a request for more application materials back in November?


Has anyone heard from Loyola (bioethics) or Alabama (philosophy of medicine)?

little bird

@limbo Loyola bioethics first round interviews are occurring this week

@pufendorf--the Harper Schmidt fellowship info on the academic jobs wiki has a lot of updates: https://academicjobs.wikia.org/wiki/Humanities_and_Social_Sciences_Postdocs_2020-2021#University_of_Chicago_.28USA:IL.29_-_Collegiate_Assistant_Professor.2F_Harper_and_Schmidt_Fellow_-_Deadline:_Oct_16.2C_2020


Pfufendorf-no, I’m also waiting to get back from Chicago.


to hear back*


Thanks Anon (Chicago). Wait and see. Best of luck, to you and me. That rhymes, and I'm so cornyyyyy.


Thanks for letting me know, mac hopeful!


UNC, Chapel Hill (PPE, TT) has gone straight to virtual fly outs.



Thanks, little bird, for that helpful info!


Kindly rejection from UNC Chapel Hill (PPE)

JHU postdoc

Has anyone heard from the Johns Hopkins mental disorder postdoc?

xmas spirit

I heard from a grapevine that the Johns Hopkins mental disorder post doc will likely have a short list by the end of the month.

JHU postdoc

@xmas spirit thanks so much for that info! Do you happen to know how they plan to narrow down the shortlist at that point, e.g. one round of interviews or two?


Sam Houston (Race/Science) is scheduling first-round interviews.

circling the drain

I know this has been asked before a couple of times, but had anyone heard anything about Carleton University?


Supermercado, would you mind sharing how you heard that from UNC PPE? No worries if not!

anonymous person

Carleton University has scheduled virtual flyouts.


Anyone else not heard anything yet from UNC-CH/PPE? Are they sending out rejections manually?

you be see

UBC (ethics) news?


You be see - nothing yet, they said they’ll contact longlisted people again mid January. Waiting too!

Lottery player n

@doe: nothing yet for me. I assume they contacted the shortlist for fly outs and are contacting those who’ve not made an initial cut now, with people in between remaining in limbo. Of course it’s possible that they’re contacting everyone not on the fly out list with rejections and just taking their time. Past rejections from them on my end have been done manually by the search chair in the past, and the above note about the thoughtful rejection above suggests that this has not changed. Good luck either way!

you be see

@Ubc: Thanks!

lottery player n

PFO, brown university.

also unc ppe

@doe @Lottery player n
I received a PFO from UNC PPE, too. IT was a kind, personally-addressed kind of note. My guess is he's taking his time sending them.


Anyone heard anything about the Leiden job (university lecturer practical philosophy)?


Macalester has sent at least one invitation for virtual flyouts.


Checking in again: anyone out there heard anything new or different from Florida Gulf Coast?

Any idea if they moved on to campus interviews?


@anon, did Macalester just get in touch with you today?

anon FGCU

still nothing from FGCU either


@anon also interested to hear when Macalester reached out. Anyone else who interviewed hear from them either way? I haven’t heard anything


@Macalester I’ve also yet to hear anything one way or another.


Nothing from FGCU for me neither.


Has anyone heard anything from Bard?


Rejection from Washington & Lee, saying the position has been filled.


Has anyone heard anything about the Oslo postdoc in the New Frontiers of Speech project?

circling the drain

Nothing from Bard yet, here.


Has anyone who interviewed with UW Evans School for the ethics and justice position been contacted yet? As I recall, the plan was for them to let us know one way or the other by mid-January.


I'm another person that hasn't heard anything from Macalester.


For those of you who interviewed at Macalester and haven’t heard anything either, are you assuming it’s a rejection at this point?


Had anyone heard from Dartmouth regarding their TT position?


Macalester scheduled virtual campus visit 2 days ago


Dartmouth Society of Fellows is scheduling interviews


@Anon I bombed my interview with the UW Evans School for the ethics and justice, but haven't heard from them either (one way or another) if that helps.


@Mac I’m assuming it’s a rejection and that they’re waiting to send a rejection email until they get confirmation from their initial invites. Would be happy to hear reason to think otherwise though!


Notification of being longlisted for the Polonsky Postdoc at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.


Have people already been notified if they’re on a long list for the JHU mental disorder post doc?


Bard is scheduling interviews.

open sesame

Has anyone heard from McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society at Stanford (postdoc) or Embedded EthiCS Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard?


Can anyone confirm that Toronto has already conducted interviews for the continental position?


@ny do you know when the emails went out?


@bard I heard that one invitation was sent this past Friday.


As expected, Hamilton sent final PFOs saying the position has been filled. (I guess I didn't have the votes.)


Princeton Desi postdoc has notified long listed candidates


Princeton contacted their long-list for the Desai Family Post-Doc. No request for anything additional.


@J. Belfort: I am not sure which stage of the process you are referring to, but St. Norbert has already conducted both preliminary interviews *and* virtual flyouts for the business ethics position.


Any more news from FGCU or UBC, or any news at all from Dartmouth, Yale, st Mary, CUHK, Tubingen, NYU Shanghai, Cambridge, Leiden, St Andrews, Leeds (all TT)?


Loyola Chicago - Bioethics position has scheduled virtual flyouts


St. Norbert has an offer out for the TT business ethics position.


In response to an enquiry, University of Alberta STS ( https://philjobs.org/job/show/15854 ) shared that the hiring committee will have its first meeting in a month to discuss a long-list of applicants.

Also waiting to hear from Alberta

@why??: Wow, incredible!


does anyone have news about Tübingen or a sense of the time line for that position?


Long listed at Lingnan

open sesame

Wow, Alberta STS hasn't even come up with a long-list?? It's unbelievable..Well.. then I can be hopeful for a few more weeks.


Lingnan - is this for one of the TT positions (AOS Ethics or AOS Open)?


Awaiting: NYU Shanghai had first round interviews last week. I don't know if they've moved to the next round.


Received the rejection letter from Macalester after first-round interview


PFO from Macalester after first round.


Re: Lingnan. Yes, it's for the TT positions. I believe the long list is for both jobs.

Had it

I, too, applied to Macalester and heard nothing at all. Does this mean I'm still in the running or I'm so low that I'm not worth even a pfo...


Shortlisted at Hampden-Sydney College.


Bard has contacted its finalists and is completing first round interviews next week. "Campus visit" candidates will be notified by the end of the month.


Any word on Bence Nanay’s postdocs in Antwerp?


longlisted at Leeds

Had it

Looks like I'm so low that I don't get a reply even here let alone a pfo. the market and its gatekeepers are so devilishly efficient in denigrating us...

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