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Marcus Arvan

Yeah, sure thing - those of you who want to discuss job market stuff rather than report news, please head over to the job market discussion thread!


Ok folks, if you have news on the second round of interviews for Florida AI Ethics, please share!


@Florida, I had a first-round interview, and have not heard about a second-round. I was told second-rounds would be notified sometime in the beginning of April?


Thanks alsoFlorida: I had the first one as well, and was told that selected candidates will hear this week about a second round. Or maybe I misunderstood!


@Florida: Really! Strange. I was told the second round interview would take place the second week of April, and people would be notified the week before that. I interviewed a week ago, maybe things changed since then?


Anyone heard back regarding a second round interview with St. Scholastica? Or have any info on when people would be notified?

what's left

PFO from the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University.

Rhodes? Rhodes.

Rhodes scheduled first-round interviews.


St. Scholastica is scheduling campus visit (second round) interviews.

Rene Rousseau

St. Scholastica is scheduling second round interviews.

so many applications, so few interviews

Any word about any of the following? Thanks in advance: Central State (open, TT), Southeastern Oklahoma State (open, TT), or University of Richmond (VAP, ancient?)

And I'm assuming that no one has word on Mount St. Joseph's (open, TT), right? This is two years in a row of them posting an ad and then not responding to emails requesting updates.


as someone who interviewed with Mount Saint Joseph last year, I can tell you that their communication is very poor. After the interview, I had to reach out to them to find I hadn't made it to the next round.

I can only assume this year's search is the same as last year but I don't know that for sure

I have reached out to them this year only because I know who chairs the search and they have told me only that the search is still active.


has anyone heard anything from muskingum?

not surprised tho

PFO from Berkeley

checking in

Very interested to know if anyone ended up hearing from Florida this week!


@checking in: I know of at least one virtual campus visit for the Florida AI ethics TT position that has been scheduled

checking in

@anon ah shoot, okay. Thanks for the info!

recent PhD

Durham Assistant Professor in Moral, Social and Political Philosophy (PHIL21-54), Reference number: 20000936

PFO (was longlisted)

Any news on Durham Political Theory?


Shortlisted at Durham for the moral, social, and political philosophy position. @recent PhD, I got a PFO from Durham political theory weeks ago, so you’re likely still in the running there if you haven’t heard anything.

Tech Ethicist

Both MIT and Notre Dame tech ethics decided to hire no one. I guess there just aren’t any good philosophers looking for jobs.


Tech Ethicist: did you hear back from MIT and ND saying that they hired no one?

Tech ethicist

@question: No, but I have testimony from multiple, independent reliable sources. I feel justified in reporting it, given their reliability.


Thank you tech ethicist

disappointed ND hasn't announced this tho

@ Tech Ethicist In ND's case, it could be because the director of the Tech Ethics Center is leaving and maybe they didn't want to hire someone for that position when they need a new director.


MIT did not make any offers. Notre Dame made at least one offer but the candidate accepted another job.

J. Belfort

Arizona, Department of Political Economy and Moral Science (PPE, career track) has scheduled first-round interviews

circling the drain

Any news on University of Calgary?


Insider knowledge: A Hecht-Levi Fellowship was accepted but later retracted, so there might be another opening soon.


Oslo is scheduling zoom interviews for the Philosophy of Logic postdoc:



Has anyone heard anything regarding any of the other recent philosophy of logic post-docs (uconn, concordia, etc.)?

The Muffin Man

Still interested to hear about Western Kentucky (TT, epistemology, metaphysics, mind, science, language) and Maryland (lecturer, PPE)


Does anyone know if University of Toronto Scarborough has made an offer, and if so, whether the offeree is likely to accept?

can't focus

Does anyone know if Durham Environmental Phil has made an offer?


Does anyone know whether NYU bioethics (faculty fellow) has made an offer which was accepted?

NIH info?

Still trying to track down some info on the NIH bioethics post-doc. There was a PFO reported on here awhile ago, though several others reported not having heard one way or the other. Has anyone else received either a PFO or interview request?


I'm echoing these questions - Muskingum, Central State, and Calgary.

are we there yet

PFO Institute for Practical Ethics (UCSD)


@paranoid_but_informed was this for the general Hecht-Levi bioethics postdoc or for the mental disorder one?


@Wondering: It’s the general Hecht-Levi bioethics postdoc.


PFO from the University of Connecticut's Humanities Institute


PFO McCain Postdoctoral position at Mount Allison University


PFO Dartmouth postdoc - Political Economy Project


PFO; muskingum

Rene Rousseau

Albion and NOVA Southeastern are scheduling first round interviews.

No jobs for me

PFO occidental college


Has Muskingum scheduled interviewers?


If anyone hears from Denison in Ohio, please report back!


Any word about Bilkent?


Bilkent made an offer


Anyone got any word on Calgary?


any updates on the Florida tech ethics job?

Anon not the Q sort

Anyone ever hear anything about positions at Depauw, Wake Forest, or Rotman?

No more Florida for me

Anony: at least one virtual campus interview has been scheduled the week after the first round of interviews - someone posted the update on this website. I don't know if other interviews have been scheduled (but I'm inclined to think so)

deep in the heart

Texas A&M International U (VAP, open) is scheduling finalist interviews


PFO from Howard


Florida Gulf Coast University hired one of their own alumni for their TT position from earlier this fall/spring


PFO from Rhodes; PFO from Villanova, VAP


PFO from Rhodes. Any word from Western Kentucky University TT?

no longer looking at how affordable it is to live in ohio

Out of curiosity I logged in to the mount st. joseph employment portal and it showed my application as inactive and it notes there that the position has been filled...


Did anyone hear about the position at NYU, Abu Dhabi?


PFO Eindhoven

rural juror

Phone interview request for SUNY Buffalo sent out on Friday (clinical assistant professor--NTT)

CU BOULDER: request for teaching video sent out today (three year instructor--NTT)


Has anyone who had a first round interview at UT Dallas heard anything?


PFO Yale---logic, language, science. Ad: https://philjobs.org/job/show/16770


Rhodes has moved to 'on-campus' interviews.


Please: UT Dallas contacted finalists two weeks ago. Good luck.

 Anxiety is the Dizziness of the Job Market

Thanks for everyone's help here. I accepted a position as a HS teacher and consider myself out of the hunt for college philosophy jobs. Happy with the decision. Best wishes to all of you!


PFO Wake Forest leadership postdoc


PFO from Wake Forest Leadership Postdoc followed by news of a new ad on Philjobs. Does that mean they didn't like the pool they got the first round? I don't think I've seen anything like this before.


Longlisted at Calgary (TT/Ethics)


Any news on Manchester (open)?

Hey Nony

@aanon - the new Wake Forest postdoc listing is slightly different than the old one. It's a two year position instead of one, and it's a "character education" position rather than a "teacher-scholar" position.


@PLease, I just got a PFO from UT Dallas. Had a first round there.


WCU has made an offer, and it has been verbally accepted (wasn’t me, I was just the other campus visit).

PFO Riverside CC

wake me when this is over

PFO Oklahoma State

circling the drain

PFO from Calgary

anon ancient

Any news on U Richmond (VAP, ancient?)


I've received neither a PFO nor any indication I'm on the longlist at Calgary. Anyone else still in the dark? It's strange that some places do it this way!

Late Season Hopeful (Irrational?)

Anyone hear anything from North Hennepin CC? (Posted on HigherEd Jobs but not PhilJobs). Deadline was Monday, April 5.

Hey Nony

@anon regarding Calgary - same boat.


@Hey Nony and @anon I have also heard nothing from Calgary.


Re: Calgarian PFOS - I've had this delayed PFO thing happen to me a few times, and the only thing I can think of is that there is one hapless admin sending out individual PFO emails instead of one mass "Dear applicant" email. I always seem to get these emails last, and I'm guessing it's because my last name comes at the end of the alphabet.
I personally take some solace in the thought that my PFO is part of a long, tedious task!

AI Anon

Anyone who had a first round at Florida for their AI get a PFO yet? I know there are rumors that interviews have been scheduled, but I haven't gotten anything.

Lottery player n

My own Calgary pfo fresh in.


@AIAnon: I had a first round and haven’t heard anything yet. I assumed someone had been hired but yeah I haven’t heard one way or another!

A Name

Interviews for Western Kentucky TT have been scheduled.


Denison is scheduling interviews.

is it over yet

Has anyone heard from Central State or University of Indianapolis?

still hoping

PFO Calgary, PFO Oklahoma State

oh well

PFO Southeastern Oklahoma State (open)

Mayor of PFO City

PFO Calgary

literature interloper

Did anyone else apply for the Besl Chair in Ethics/Religion and Society at Xavier?

Rural juror

Literature interloper: yes. Final interviews are scheduled for next week.

Hey Nony

@literature interloper - I did, haven't heard anything yet.

Lottery player n

Pfo Merton college

dum dum da dum

PFO St. Scholastica


The University of Massachusetts Lowell (Epistemology/Phil.Sci.)scheduled the first-round interviews this week.


Maryland (PPE, https://philjobs.org/job/show/16878) is scheduling interviews


Has anyone who was longlisted at Calgary heard from them yet?


Has anyone heard from Molloy or University of Indianapolis?

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