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still stings a bit

PFO from CEU. Best of luck to everyone else.


@Sisyphus thank you!


Did UTSC Bioethics (TT) ever get filled or did the search fail?


@UTSC-Bioethics: I have heard rumors that they decided not to hire anyone for that position...


I can confirm that in the end UTSC hired no one.


Seems nuts not to hire in a buyer's market. Did the admin not like the short list or did their top picks get poached or what?


@UTSC-Bioethics I had a fly out for this job and I did not get any explanation for why the search failed. I don't know if they ever made an offer or not, but given the timeline I got from the chair, they almost certainly didn't make more than one offer. I would be very curious to know what happened.


Thanks anon -- curious indeed.


Any news about fly outs for UIndy or Molloy?


Any news about the Bristol teaching lectureship (political philosophy)?

Molloy or bust

@anon: I had a first-round interview for Molloy two weeks ago, but still have not received any communication either way about a campus visit.


Molloy started second round interviews last week

anon ancient

Any word on the ancient teaching job at UChicago?

Molloy or bust

@Anon: oof, that's rough. May i ask how you know? Best of luck to the remaining candidates.


Has anyone heard about a decision made after final interviews at Riverside City College?


@Wondering: an offer was made for the position at Riverside City College


I know it's just been a few weeks since the deadline, but given that the jobs start in the fall, anyone hear anything out of Xavier about their VAPs yet?

Cincinnati Dreamin'

@person, Xavier (visiting, AOC: history) sent out interview invitations very recently for this job, which I assume is what you're asking about: https://philjobs.org/job/show/17378


Thanks, Cincinnati Dreamin'! Guess I can move on from that, then...


Any word on Calgary ... anyone?

no wonder

PFO from UMass Lowell (Phil.Sci. TT)


Any word yet on the NYU Bioethics VAP?

Enough with the Sisyphus jokes

CU Boulder (instr., various AOCs) has sent out interview invitations.


Bristol (permanent teaching lectureship, political philosophy and logic) has sent out interview invitations.


Any news about a TT job at Boğaziçi University?

full-time applicant

Boğaziçi sent an email a few weeks back asking if I'm still interested given the recent events at the university. I assume it was a generic email they sent to everyone. No word since.

PFO from Indianapolis TT.

Gonzaga VAP scheduling interviews.


PFO from Cardiff.


@full-time applicant, thanks for the info. I received the same kind of email and haven't heard from them either.


Any news from Amsterdam (Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Language and Cognition)


UCL 1 year lecturer positions interview requests


Has anyone heard from the Chinese Academy of Sciences? They had openings for both Postdocs and TT positions.

another anon

Has anyone had word from the Birkbeck history position?



@another anon: I have it on good authority that they are requesting letters for long-listed candidates.

Indianapolis VAP scheduled interviews this week.


I received an email from the University of Lynchburg in connection with their adjunct search (https://philjobs.org/job/show/17482) that essentially said 'you know this is an in-person position, right?'.

I assume all applicants got this email and that it was sent because Lynchburg received an unusually high number of applications.


The University of Exeter has scheduled the first round of interviews for TT positions in the philosophy of biology.


Franklin & Marshall has extended an offer for their VAP (Open/Feminist Phil) which has been accepted.

Concordia (Montreal) has conducted interviews and compiled a finalist list for their Limited-Term Appointment position in Continental and Social Philosophy, but as far as I know an offer has not yet been made due to bureaucratic hold-ups.

Oh you!

Open University has sent out interview invites for permanent lectureship.


That is crazy, the Open Uni application deadline was the 4th of July. So it has taken them 4 days to review all the applications, decide on a shortlist, and get HR to arrange interviews.

anon ancient

Anything from Sydney on their ancient position?


Any news about the Seattle U position?


Any news about Purdue's lecturer-ship for its second-language MA program? (Limited Term Lecturer)


Interview invitation from Mississippi State University (https://philjobs.org/job/show/17565) and request for letters of recommendation from Arkansas State University (https://philjobs.org/job/show/17649).


Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIP) sent out rejections for their postdoc positions.


KCL updates? Anyone know if they got longlisted?


Is a 2021-2022 thread on the way?

Marcus Arvan



SUNY Brockport flyout scheduled.

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