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circling the drain

Wondering: Molloy's deadline isn't until May 1. It's going to be a long wait, I'm afraid.


I've just received an email from the Boğaziçi University's hiring committee. They are asking whether I am still willing to be in the candidate pool given the current politically messy situation in Turkey. I suppose this is a kind of generic email for all applicants?? Has anyone not received this email yet?

Gambling Addict

Curious, I got the same e-mail. I suspect it was mass e-mailed to all the applicants.


@ Gambling Addict, Thank you for your reply!

Ohio dreamin’

Central State (TT, open) is scheduling interviews

rural juror

Xavier University (Besl chair) has made an offer.


Has anyone who interviewed with SUNY Buffalo ( non TT) heard back yet or know when they will be making a decision about the next step? I did not ask at the interview.

Rural juror

Wondering: I interviewed this past Monday and have not heard back. I kind of suspect that there is an internal candidate who may be renewed.


Has anyone who interviewed with Bethel and subsequently had their references contacted heard anything?


Anyone hear from Emory?


Anyone heard news from Central European University?

spreadsheet nearly cleared

Has anyone heard from any of the following? Thanks in advance for any info.

U Richmond (VAP, ancient), U Puget Sound (VAP, ancient), CU-Boulder (non-TT instr., various AOCs), U Leeds (lecturer, AOC: continental/race)


Wondering ...
just contact them, and ask when they think they will have made a decision. It is a normal thing to do.


has anyone who interviewed at Albion heard about second round?


Spreadsheet: Do you mean the Leeds liberal arts job? I think it's open AOS, but the ad was a bit opaque. I heard the long listing meeting is on Wednesday.


Calgary is scheduling virtual flyouts.

no buffalo for me

Buffalo scheduled second-round interviews.


UIndy anyone?


Anon, no word from UIndy yet.

Has anyone who interviewed at Denison heard back?

Gambling Addict

Pfo for Richmond Ancient VAP; Kiu I haven't heard back from Denison either. I'd expect them to contact people for the next round (?) by the end of the week.

anon anon anon

Denison has scheduled at least one second round.

Late Season Pessimist

PFO North Hennepin CC


Hey folks, anyone knows what happened with Florida AI ethics? Did they hire anyone? Still waiting for my pfo after first round interview


@Florida?: I emailed them a week ago to check because I got another offer. According to the search chair, the have someone they are probably going to hire. i'm guessing the PFO is coming for us all, probably just doing some negotiating.

The winter of my discontent

Any finalists receive offers from St. Scholastica or NOVA Southeastern?


Thanks nowarmweatherforme!


Does anyone have any information about NYU Abu Dhabi?


@The winter of my discontent: Someone has accepted the St. Scholastica offer.

Tulane VAP

Has anyone heard from Tulane's VAP (deadline 4/5)? It was to teach ethics/social political/logic/phil religion...I can't find the philjobs post even in the expired ads to link to here


"Tulane VAP": An offer is out, I'm afraid


Indianapolis is scheduling first-round interviews.

Why are there so few schools in the best part of the US, i.e., the Pacific Northwest?

U Puget Sound (VAP, ancient) has sent out interview requests


Anyone heard from LMU Munich?


still nothing from Albion?

Noxious Mark

any news about the Oxford moral philosophy postdoc(s)?


Bowling Green (TT)? Western Kentucky (TT)? Rhodes (TT)?


Read the previous thread T-Bone:

"Rhodes has moved to 'on-campus' interviews.

Posted by: rhodes | 04/12/2021 at 01:53 PM "

"Interviews for Western Kentucky TT have been scheduled.

Posted by: A Name | 04/15/2021 at 07:35 PM "

Recent PhD

Florida Gulf Coast has finally decided to inform first round interview candidates of their unsuccessful application.

Sisyphus seeks a boulder

Forgive the repetition, but I'm assuming there's still no word on CU-Boulder (non-TT instr., various AOCs)? I had the sense that interviews would have gone out by now.

recent phd

LMU Munich (Practical) has asked for additional stuff from longlisted candidates.


Sisyphus seeks a boulder: see previous thread

CU BOULDER: request for teaching video sent out today (three year instructor--NTT)

Posted by: rural juror | 04/12/2021 at 10:28 AM

Sisyphus reads the threads

@anon, yes, the requests for videos were sent out (to a longlist?) a few weeks ago and then immediately retracted for FERPA reasons. I'm wondering about actual interviews since then.


Any finalists get an offer from McDaniel VAP?


Fairfield VAP has scheduled Zoom interviews.


Any info on Bowling Green?

Oklahoma dreamin'

Oklahoma State (VAP, open) is scheduling interviews.


Rhodes made an offer for their TT position and it's been accepted.

UVU Environmental

Any second round invites to Utah Valley University (environmental)?


Anyone heard from Gustavus Adolphus College (VAP Philosophy of Science or Environmental Philosophy)?


PFO from Denison

BG app gang

Seconding the question about Bowling Green. Anyone?


I emailed Bowling Green two days ago to withdraw my application and I was told by the contact person that they would pass the info along to the search committee. This suggests to me that they have not contacted interviewees yet.

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