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authenticity silenced

Marcus Arvan, Fair enough. As someone on the job market, I know its insanity and ability across the board to wear people like me down—which is why I like to laugh about it. But I'll keep my wit out of this forum because not everyone can appreciate it. And I very much appreciate what you've done here—that you've set up this space for people who are applying to jobs to share their experiences.


Authenticity: I’m not offended and my feelings aren’t hurt. I just thought your post was potentially hurtful because it was too directed to a particular user and inappropriate for this space. I would certainly feel less comfortable posting anything about my personal struggles with the market here (including obsessively checking this thread!) if there was no conversation about where our community draws the line between levity and levity at someone else’s expense.

recent phd

Florida Gulf Coast scheduled first round interview

circling the drain

PFO from Hamilton College (social and ethical implications of digital technology)

postdoc no. 2

PFO Hamilton College Government or Philosophy job.


PFO from Hamilton


CSUF has scheduled at least some first-round interviews.


Any updates on the faculty position by the University of Alberta, Technology and Society Studies? The deadline was October 30th...

postdoc #3

PFO from Toronto Scarborough (Ethics and Applied Ethics with a focus in Biomedical Ethics)

circling the drain

PFO from Toronto Scarborough.


UNC (open/open) has scheduled interviews


sorry, I meant: UNC (*junior*/open area) has scheduled interviews


has anyone heard from Ryerson?

authenticity understands

Concerned & Marcus Arvan: It took me a few days to realize it, but y'all are absolutely right - this just ain't the place for that kind of stuff. Thanks for helping me to understand that, and my bad for being impetuous and not recognizing it sooner. All that being said, I want to wish eveyone on the job market the best of luck!

J. Belfort

PFO from University of British Columbia (TT, ethics)


PFO from British Columbia (asst prof in ethics).


Bersoff offers were made.

Please Find Ostrich

PFO from Bersoff


PFO from NYU Bersoff


Johns Hopkins (open) are scheduling flyouts


Re: Hopkins: like... actual honest to god flyouts? Jesus.


Has anyone heard anything from LSU about the Ancient Philosophy job?

circling the drain

Has anyone heard anything about Carleton?


Any news on Dartmouth?


Have interview requests been sent out for UBC (TT -ethics)? I saw above that PFOs were sent, but I applied and have received neither a PFO nor an interview request.

in limbo

anon, I'm in the same place re: UBC. I'm guessing they have a long list they're trying to turn into a shortlist.


Any info on Macalester?

postdoc #3

Ryerson (feminist philosophy) says they have made their long list of candidates and I am not on it.

Ewe Bee Sea Tea-Tea

Re: "Have interview requests been sent out for UBC (TT -ethics)? I saw above that PFOs were sent, but I applied and have received neither a PFO nor an interview request."
I'm in the same boat as you, anon. Looks like they just made a first cut.


Same here for UBC (TT ethics). I haven’t received any word at all.


Has anyone heard anything about Toronto (Phil Science)?


Any news on NYU Shanghai or the University of Toronto (Philosophy of science)?

Sweet home Canada

Any news on Alabama or Toronto (philsci)?

same anon

To Tom, re Hopkins flyouts: the flyouts are virtual


Mac: I'm also still waiting on any updates from Macalester.


Just received the PFO from UBC (TT-ethics). I'm the same anon above who didn't receive the PFO yesterday.

xmas spirit

Yeah, I just received my rejection letter from UBC (TT-ethics). I had my hopes up because I thought they would have sent out all 1st cut rejections in one burst. I wish I hadn't checked this board and gotten my hopes up :(


I am still in limbo w/r/t UBC. This is agonizing. :( I do feel like I'm also getting my hopes up.

circling the drain

I'm in the same boat with UBC. Haven't received my rejection yet, but probably will by tonight or tomorrow.


Re: UBC Ethics, TT

I'm also still waiting for any communication from them.

Thanks for the info!


Does anyone have updates about the Utah Valley position (epistemology)? About a week ago someone reported a PFO from them, but I have yet to receive any communication.

circling the drain

Ah, finally got that sweet sweet PFO from UBC.

postdoc #3

1st round interview scheduled for University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy and Governance.


Interviews for UW Evans School of Public Policy Ethics and Justice

too tired for a clever screen name

Also curious about LSU.

Houston looked like they'd be moving quickly - can anyone confirm that they've made an offer?

Finally, Georgia State, Ancient: real job or setup for inside hire? I'm not gonna waste my time if they're hiring the person there who does exactly what is in the job ad. [Mods, delete this bit if it's inappropriate.]


Lawrence has sent out first-round interview requests (AOS metaphysics).


Too tired: Without going into details, I am pretty sure (re: have good reason to believe) that the GSU job is a setup.

Marcus Arvan

Oudeis and too tired: I just want to say (on the basis of some personal experience) that a job can *be* a set up for an inside hire and yet result in the search committee taking other candidates very seriously and even hiring them above the inside person. I don’t know any details whatsoever about the Georgia State case, but my own experience is that while inside candidates may have an “inside track” on a given job, search committees generally want to hire the best person for the position—and if that turns out to be an outside person, then they may very well not hire the person they initially thought they probably would (the inside candidate). I personally know of multiple cases where this has happened.


Invitation to virtual campus visit at UC Berkeley (TT, Open-ish).

a postdoc

PFO from Santa Clara Tech Ethics job.


PFO from Santa Clara University

hasan piker

any news re: Toronto continental phil?


@suprised Did Berkeley go straight to campus visits or were there already first round interviews? Congrats :)


PFO from UBC. They must be sending them out one-by-one.

also surprised

@postdoc1000 straight to campus visits!

before halloween

Has anyone heard from Eindhoven??


Macalester has sent out first-round interview requests (AOS mind/language)

Academic Dreaming

First round interviews for LSU ancient job scheduled.

anon ancient

St Andrews (lecturer, ancient) sends out email announcing that they will have a shortlist by late January '21.

I'm liberally going to interpret this to imply that I'm on the longlist without any further evidence, since there's not much cause for excitement this year.

anon open

I also got the same email from St. Andrews, but for the open area position. I don't know what to make of it. Did anyone get an email saying something different or didn't get an email at all?


You should not make anything of it. I got it too. It is clearly just a courtesy to applicants to let them know when they can expect to hear from the search committee about whether they’ve made it to the next stage.


I also got the same email, for the open position.


Toronto Scarborough sent out an email on the 24th (they had previously asked me for a second writing sample) saying that their search has had a small delay and that they will be in touch in early January when the university reopens.


Hi Hopeful, is that the position in the philosophy of science?

utah valley epistemology

Utah Valley has scheduled first-round interviews for the epistemology position.

Sounded like they were either in the process of scheduling or had already scheduled interviews for their asian phil position as well.


Has anyone heard from Washington and Lee? Also, the AOS and AOC in the job ad seem to exactly match with an internal candidate's AOS and AOC. Curious about this search. Any thoughts?


@ABD no, this is the applied ethics/biomedical ethics one. The Philosophy of science opening is for the St. George campus, I believe.


@ Hopeful, thanks! Then I can still be hopeful about the job :)

Heard from a bird

Toronto philosophy of science has gone straight to (virtual) flyouts.


@ Heard from a bird, thanks for the update. I guess going straight to virtual flyouts is a new trend in this pandemic.


A few days late, but in case anyone else was waiting to hear: Georgia Southern has scheduled first-round interviews for their applied ethics position.

keeping tabs

Has anyone heard from Baltimore City CC (open), CC of Baltimore County (open), or Southeastern Oklahoma State (open)?

waiting for many

Any news about Carleton, NYU Shanghai, Brown, Dartmouth, Yale, Tübingen, CUHK, or UHK (all TT)? Thanks!

Lottery player n

Waiting: I’ve applied to almost all of those. No word on my end.


Waiting and Lottery: Brown has conducted first round interviews.


Any news on Union University, DeSales, St. Mary's, or Belmont Abbey?


waiting: UHK (political) has conducted first round interviews.


has anyone who had a first round interview with FGCU heard about second round*?

*which will apparently be in-person (!)


Anon - no, I haven’t yet, even though they said they’d let us know in Dec. Waiting impatiently:)

xmas spirit

Has anyone heard from the following places:
Princeton Desai Post Doc?
Dartmouth Society of Fellows and Mellon Post Doc?
Notre Dame (NDIAS) fellowship?


Xmas spirit - yes, I got rejected from the Dartmouth Mellon postdoc a while ago; but I haven't, and I'm also waiting for the Princeton and the other Dartmouth one.

Waiting to hear

Does anyone know if Notre Dame (the TT position) decided who to invite to "campus visits" after their first-round interviews?


Xmas spirit - I got a pfo from the Dartmouth Society of Fellows a while back! Haven’t heard anything from Dartmouth Mellon.

postdoc #3

@Waiting, if I recall the wrap-up conversation correctly, Notre Dame tech ethics TT said that they wouldn't decide until "mid-January" and that the virtual fly-outs would be some time in February once their spring semester starts.

Waiting to hear

Thanks, postdoc #3! They didn't mention a timeline for making a decision to me, so this is very helpful.

J. Belfort

Anybody heard if St. Norbert has decided who to fly out after Zoom interviews?

postdoc #3

@Waiting glad to help and best of luck!


Has anyone who was asked for a second writing sample by UT Scarborough heard from them since 12/24?


anon @2:07pm: apparently the shortlist has been drafted, and is on a dean's desk, but no interview invites can be sent until s/he approves it.


Wondering if anyone has heard from Cambridge or Yale?


@utscanon did they email you again to tell you that, or is it something you found out by asking for more info? Any idea if the people who got the email on the 24th are the people on the shortlist?


Rejection from Michigan Society of Fellows


Rejected from the UT Scarborough job (I was one of those asked for a second writing sample in December).


Has anyone heard about the McMaster Phil Law job?

Sweet Home

Anyone knows what happened with Alabama (phil med)?


Had a first round interview at FGCU.

I've been given the complete run-around.
I contacted them and was told by the committee chair there was nothing they could tell me and to contact HR.

HR said search is still in process.
I informed search chair this is what I had been told by HR and she said she'd find out if she was authorized to tell me anything further.

TLDR: no official decisions have been made that I am aware but if I am reading between the lines, I did not make the next cut.

Can anyone confirm or deny that FGCU has moved to on campus interviews?


Hi anon, I'm in a similar situation. I asked the HR there if the decision have been made yet, and she told me they have not made the decisions yet. I would not worry - it just looks like they're still deliberating!


Rejection letter from Utah Valley U (epistemology).


@phil: Did this rejection come after an interview with them? Or is this a general rejection letter?


@Interviewee: general rejection letter

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