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Current PhD student

I am not sure what the best decision is with respect to going to a second master's program. Do you know anyone who has successfully done this in the way you want to?

However, if you opt not to complete the first master's program, is there any obligation to include information from that program on your CV? I might not include it, because there's no degree to list. Although I would include being a TA at that first university, or any funding you received.

If you decide to switch, I would just describe your motivations in your statement as any transfer student would: while you appreciated your first program and found its resources immensely helpful, and while it helped you get acclimated to academic philosophy, you realized along the way that a different program would match your needs better and would help orient you in the direction that was best for you. (Or something to that effect.)

Disclaimer: I'm a current PhD student--I have never served on an admissions committee. But, if I were applying, this would be how I went about things.

Also, no matter what, I think you should also try applying to a PhD program this cycle anyway. (Or, that would be my advice for non-pandemic times.)


I don't see this as a big deal. I would list that you did graduate work at Institution A, but then received degree from Institution B. People transfer all the time for any number of reasons. As time passes and it becomes less important to your profile, I imagine Institution A would drop from your CV, unless there is something important about indicating your attendance there.

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