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SLAC Associate

I agree with everything Marcus said; at many SLACs, I think this would be seen as an asset, rather than a liability, so long as it doesn't get in the way of doing sufficient research publishing to meet department tenure criteria.

One caveat: don't do what Ralph McInerny did in *Irish Tenure* and cast an untenured member of your department as a murder victim in your fiction. That probably won't go over as well with colleagues.


If it were me, I'd be delighted to find out that a candidate was a published author, too. I certainly wouldn't hold it against the candidate. A few additional comments are in order, however:

1.) I hope the OP doesn't feel like they can only do this if they pursue "philosophical themes" or have philosopher-characters. If that's what they want to do, great, but they shouldn't feel like they must. (My own personal preference would be for unrelated themes, plots, characters, etc., but that's just me and my own idiosyncracies!)

2.) I don't know whether that's information I'd put on the academic CV, however. I think it's better placed as cover letter information, especially since yes, the best targets seem like they're going to be teaching-intensive and liberal arts-focused institutions.

3.) The obligatory cautionary note: it's best if you also have lots of solid philosophy publications, to head off the potential criticism that you're "not serious" or focusing on the wrong things. (Avoiding this assumption is part of the reason I'd leave it off the CV.)

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