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Can someone mention the jobs that these philosophy BAs are doing that are paying 80k a year mid career? It's a mystery to me!

Or perhaps more relevant, can someone explain what jobs a philosophy BA opens up that a psychology BA doesn't?

If anything the data seems to say more about the kinds of people who choose to do a philosophy degree than it does about the degree, given that the degree qualifies you for nothing that a psychology degree doesn't.

Regardless, it's worth noting that philosophy has a rank of 310, meaning that there are 309 better paying majors. In fact, philosophy roughly is in the middle of the list, better perhaps than people would expect but not amazing.


Also, the data from pay scale, as far as I know, doesn't tell us how much philosophy BAs may struggle to find employment compared to other degrees, so that's also something to keep in mind. We don't know how many BAs in philosophy couldn't find a decent job and so went back for a different degree. This is where the grain of truth in the 'fries with that' joke may reside.


Skeptical, like you, I am sceptical, whenever I hear average pay figures. I worked at a 4 year college, and the mid-career PhDs made less than $80,000.
When I was in grad school there was a different joke - not the "fries with that ..." Did you hear about the taxi driver with an MA in philosophy. He went back to get a PhD ... he wanted to be a dispatcher (you can tell how old this is ... pre-Uber).

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