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I would not list your dissertation committee if you are submitting a book proposal or manuscript to a good press. It does look like that is your "big" accomplishment - working with those people. From my experience with one of the big two presses, they want to see that you have published in the area in good places (journals), and that you have a thoughtful project - the referees will help them assess that.
Where prestige bias kicks in with book publishing is with respect to your affiliation NOW - if you are an MIT faculty member, you can easily get a contract.

Daniel Weltman

This is probably the wrong way to think about it, since prudence should probably be the sole driving force behind these sorts of decisions, but I list my committee on the CV because I like to see other people's committees on their CVs (just because I find it interesting to know what sorts of people are advising what sorts of dissertation topics) and so I want to provide that service to people who read my CV.

Whether or not this helps me, I suspect the impact in one direction or another is pretty minimal: that is, if it's a prestige boost, it's tiny, and if it makes me look less professional, it's by an infinitesimal amount. So, small potatoes all around, at least from the prudential standpoint. So the other-regarding motive wins out.

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