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elisa freschi

Thank you for sharing, Marcus. As for me, I am also teaching in "dual delivery". This means there will be up to 18 students in class and up to 82 remotely connected, though I believe the latter group will be way smaller (say, 30 students). I will continue to start classes with a thought-provoking question they have to answer in writing. The answers will not be graded and have only the purpose to make them aware of background assumptions they may have overlooked so far. This way, I make them more receptive to what I am about to tell them in the frontal teaching part.
Thereafter, to foster discussions, apart from the Chat function, I ask them to prepare some reading assignments on Perusall and add post-its with comments and questions that I can then address in class. Hope it works! Comments and thoughts are welcome.

elisa freschi

I forgot to add that I designed one weekly assignment per week (they have two) as a group assignment, so that students learn to interact even if not in person.

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