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Assoc Prof

It seems to me that there is a wide disparity with awards. Some are quite substantial while others are commonplace at an institution and don’t mean as much.

In general, I suppose my prudential advice for job applicants would be to describe the nature of more substantial awards in detail while leaving out details on less substantial ones.


I agree with Marcus' assessment. I always appreciate it when people briefly explain how an award is given out. Some teaching awards are basically meaningless, and some are very competitive, and it's helpful to know for the reader of the CV what the award criteria were. For example "Awarded to 2 graduate students annually in the College of Arts and Sciences based on class observations by an independent committee."


I think this is one of those things that will just vary by committee member. Some will take them seriously and some won't. At research schools, receiving grants can be a big plus, and some paper competition awards might be as well. Awards for things like "best grad student" mean next to nothing. In short, if it is not obvious the award is highly competitive it probably won't mean anything at a research school.

I think teaching schools will also vary a lot by committee member. I don't take teaching awards seriously, because at my institution, they nominees come from faculty and are a complete joke. We've given out teaching awards to persons for reasons having nothing to do with their teaching.

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