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Here is some insight into the impact certain philosophy of science journals have.
It is based on data collected from Companions on philosophy of science, where the articles were written by many different scholars, and thus not coordinated. This is where that important work was published.
What is its relevance to rankings? It gives you a sense of where the action is in philosophy of science.


Definitely not a reputational ranking, but I like this one for impact as measured by h-index: https://mnemosynosis.livejournal.com/31341.html


Here is a more recent (2018) Leiter poll ranking generalist journals: https://leiterreports.typepad.com/blog/2018/11/best-general-journals-of-philosophy-2018.html

Robert A Gressis

I've wondered about this myself. Based on some remarks Jason Brennan (I think) made, I get the sense that Leiterific philosophy departments have a sense of which journals are first-tier enough to count favorably for tenure, and which don't. But maybe they even have an explicit list somewhere?


My impression is that tier 1 is 1-5 in the Leiter rankings if you want a short list, whereas 1-10 (and maybe 17 and 19) if you want a longer list.

I think certain specialty journals are equivalent to the shorter tier 1 list, e.g., JHP, BJPS, PS, OSAP, Phronesis.

Guy Crain

This is helpful. Is there also a report somewhere that lists average turn around times and maybe even acceptance rates for these journals?

Marcus Arvan

Guy: For turnaround times, there's this - https://jweisber.shinyapps.io/WaitingForTheEditor/

For acceptance rates and turnaround times, there's also this: https://airtable.com/shrWKotYTw0ezNN4N

Guy Crain

Thank you!

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