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Jared Oliphint

I'm not sure if this fits the spirit of the OP, but I have developed a group called GAME (the Group for Analytic Metaphysics and Epistemology; though not at all limited to those AOS's) that meets every other week here at TAMU and is somewhat open-ended in subject matter. Before COVID restrictions we met in person, but since meeting virtually we have had guests like Edward Zalta and Kevin Zollman present their work, and future guests include Maegan Fairchild and our own José Bermúdez. If you're interested in attending or have questions about how to participate, feel free to email me at joliphint@tamu.edu.

Quitterie Gounot

I'm writing in ethics, esp moral psychology, and also have interests in phil of law, feminist phil, phil of religion. I'm at the dissertation stage, if any other grad students in particular would like to team up, but open to other possibilities, too. I'll be writing to Sam Duncan too - Just saw this post and figured I'd comment here too in case the original group is already too big or there are other lurkers on this site.

Sam Duncan

I haven't gotten as many replies to this as I'd expected. And though I think a small group would be fine-- or actually in many ways ideal-- I thought I'd put out the call once more. Two things I want to be clear on: 1. Grad students are more than welcome. 2. I picture this as a working group that reflects the sort of collegial atmosphere Marcus has maintained at the Cocoon. So if it works like I want it to you shouldn't worry about getting your work torn apart (which I've found happens all too often in working groups or in conferences). Anyway, if you've emailed me I'll get back to you by the end of the day tomorrow. If you're interested and you haven't been in touch though do shoot me an email though.

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