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I haven't listened to the podcast, but MacIntyre is an Aristotelian naturalist??? This is news to me. I thought he argued for social roles as the basis of one's telos (when one has one). If you want to call that "naturalism", fine, but it's at least misleading to group him with Foot.

Brad Cokelet

Hi Huh?
McPherson more less classifies MacInytre in that camp based on his view in dependent rational animals. Is that the book you have in mind in objecting? I’m no expert but he explains his take on MacIntyre some in the interview.

David McPherson

See MacIntyre's Dependent Rational Animals: Why Human Beings Need the Virtues (1999). MacIntyre developed and changed his position after After Virtue (1981); he rejected Aristotelian ethical naturalism in After Virtue, but he accepts it in Dependent Rational Animals. The ethical naturalist position is also defended in his most recent book, Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity (2016). This is all discussed in my book.


Dear Brad and David,

This really is news to me! I've read a fair amount of MacIntyre, but nothing later than WJWR? Thanks for the correction. I look forward to listening to the podcast once I get a grading break.

Guy Crain

Does Cokelet mean to make the podcast more widely available? I can usually get things that are on Itunes on my Castbox app, but this one did not come up when I searched for it.

Chivers Butler

Guy, you can subscribe using the following RSS feed:

David McPherson

Hey Guy,
Brad said it will be going up on iTunes, but it takes a day or two for it to show up. An mp3 download is also now available from the site linked above.
Hey Huh?
Glad to help clarify that! Thanks for listening.

Richard Kim

This looks to be a terrific podcast. David McPherson's book is outstanding , and I'm looking forward to listening to an interesting discussion.

David McPherson

Thanks Richard! I am excited to listen to the other interviews that Brad already has lined up - lots of really interesting books.

Brad Cokelet

Thanks all! Just found out it’s 7-10 days to get iTunes on line for the first episode. But then they will update.



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