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Regret-Prone Knowledge-Worker

I have no answers but am in a similar situation, so I thought I'd share. After years of working in a non-TT position at a slac (including a two-year stint as chair of my department---yes, the exploitation here is, how you so, magnifique) I finally went on the market, applying to only five jobs, but was fortunate to get a few interviews and ultimately a TT offer at a large state school on the other side of the US. Even though the pay there is better and they've given me a year towards tenure, I have a partner with a decent job, children in a great local school, and a house. I honestly just went on the market for leverage. But my slac is on the verge of financial catastrophe and my colleagues' push to get me a TT position here was met with the reality that the school is trying to cut positions. In the end, I was told that even my normal non-TT position was likely on the chopping block. So I was pretty much forced to accept the TT offer at the state school. Now I have to move my family, sell our house, and help my partner find a new job in the midst of a pandemic and economic disaster. I'm second-guessing this decision everyday.

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