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Anca Gheaus

I don't see why you shouldn't do that. The author, and their readers, would have reasons to be grateful for this gesture.

author author

I have a different intuition on this. Clearly, the author should have kept anonymous. But given they did not, the referee should have either (i) just completed the review, or (ii) step down, as they did, BUT not contact the reviewer. The point of them stepping down was that they felt they should not review the paper - well it is a similar breach of confidentiality to now contact they author. They are not supposed to know who it is.
Incidentally I publish in a "scientific" field as well. When I submit manuscripts to journals we are explicitly told to provide full author information on the manuscript that is sent out for review.

Erik Magnusson

@author author:

One might argue that the purpose of anonymity in the editorial process is to ensure the integrity of the review process and protect the author from a biased review, not necessarily to protect the author's privacy. So while it would be inappropriate to be in a position to determine the fate of a paper with knowledge of the author's identity, it seems like an open question whether it is inappropriate to make contact with the author after one has stepped down. It might be, but not for the same reasons that justify stepping down as a reviewer (or so it seems to me).

author author

The only reason you had access to the author's paper is because you were asked to referee it by a journal. So contacting the author is inappropriate, given that she has only committed to communication regarding the paper with the editor. That is how I see it.
As I noted, I publish in another field where the norm is to disclose the author's name. In that context, there is no pretension of author anonymity.

RJ Leland

I think it’s fine (awesome even) to share.

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