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Some journals do care, though I don't know how many. This is from the JAOS, a journal which publishes a range of material, but includes Asian & Islamic philosophy: "[submissions] may not have been uploaded to an open-access (social media) platform, such as your academia.edu page, have been previously published, or be under consideration for publication elsewhere."

I think before posting material online, it is important to check for any such caveats on journals that you'd considering submitting to.

elisa freschi

@Malcolm and OP: or, perhaps, just cancel the paper from Academia etc. right before submitting it? This way, you can receive feedback and improve your paper and then take it back (if the journal insists on it) and send it.


Elisa, that would be a practical solution, though it would, strictly speaking, violate the policy which concerns the mere fact of something's having been uploaded (whether it is later taken down or not).

I have no idea whether JAOS or other journals with that policy would be able to identify the previous upload or hold it against someone who submits.


I think you shouldn't do it, but for slightly different reasons.

I think that the following is likely true:
1 - prestige bias is a serious issue in academia, especially in the humanities
2 - It is likely that uploading a paper on those platforms undermines anonymity, because
- the referee could easily end up seeing the paper on those platforms (you work on the same topic after all), before or after he accepts to review
- if your referee is bad, he could easily google the paper and find out who the author is

If I am right about (1) and (2), I think that people just shouldn't do it, because:
- if you are a lesser known philosopher (early career, non-Anglo-Saxon affiliation, etc.), you give yourself an unfair disadvantage
- if you are a well known philosopher, you give yourself an unfair advantage

In fact, I think that the last case is especially pernicious (esp. if it is done disingenuously) and that we don't talk enough about it. It would be great if this issue was discussed more systematically in blogs about the profession, like this one.

Journal editor

I work for a journal as the Editor who coordinates peer review referees. We do not check if the article is uploaded to academia or any social media sites. Having your paper available in those mediums does not affect its chances of being published on our end. However, the commenter above who said that this jeopardizes anonymity is correct and is not recommended.


As 'journal editor' says above, most of them don't, and take no action about it.

But I think the more interesting question is, why don't they care? Given the guise of blind review, and the beyond obvious fact that this jeopardizes blind review, journals should care. It is the hypocrisy that kills me. Either don't call your journal blind review/don't publish BS on the webpage about the oh so very serious blind standard, OR take steps to show you care. I am beginning to think, however, only the. former is pragmatically feasible.

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