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This is really interesting data - thanks! One thing to note (though not as a criticism!) is that most UK (and many European) jobs in my experience (including experience of being on the market this year) are not listed on PhilJobs, with other sites preferred. It would be interesting to see the geographical data if you have it, as (entirely based on my own unscientific impression) I would think that PhilJobs data would mainly give a sense of the job market in the US. Again entirely unscientifically, my impression would be similar percentages of AOSs for posts in Europe, with a particularly big year for ethics of AI in Europe this year.

Marcus Arvan

Thanks! I wasn't aware of that. If you don't mind me asking, where are most UK and European jobs listed?

Unfortunately, I didn't compile geographical data. Collecting just the amount I did yesterday took a lot longer than I expected (when I really should have been working on a paper), and I wasn't thinking about geographical issues. But I'll consider collecting it in future years, time permitting!


As the name suggests, I know the UK market best, and most jobs here are listed on jobs.ac.uk (at least in my experience).

My experience - very happy to be corrected by those with more experience though - with jobs in the rest of Europe is that many are not listed outside of the universities own websites - not particularly useful when collecting data for this, or for candidates that don't happen to see friends posting about them on social media.

Marcus Arvan

I was going to add that I'd go through the jobs.ac.uk site and post some data on UK jobs next week--but unfortunately, as far as I can tell, it's impossible to search for jobs with past deadlines.


Thanks Marcus this is interesting. I shudder thinking of next year's results!

I agree with UK-based that most non-US jobs aren't listed, so this wold seem an analysis of US jobs. Also, few CC jobs are advertised on philjobs, so it is mostly US jobs at 4 year universities.

While I find the numbers interesting and it is good to have them,I think it is hard to make much out of it until we know

1. The number of people in the market with a speciality in each area. My rough guess would be there is about the same number of value theory graduates as M&E graduates, so, in that sense, value theory is doing much better. But I am completely guessing about the graduates.

2. Not knowing who gets hired in open positions is a a major limitation, and any number of results could make a lot of difference for how we see these numbers.

These things below aren't as big as the above two, but I still think important.

1. How many epistemology jobs are in "social epistemology?" Many people who do social epistemology are doing cross work in value theory or feminism.

2. How many value theory jobs are open to, or in fact, hire people doing feminist philosophy (or phil of race, disability, etc)? I think the number would have at least some significance.

3. How many science jobs are in "applied" science? From what I can tell, this number has been increasing.


I haven't kept up on jobs this year, but in past years, when various areas of "non-Western" philosophy were listed as AOSs along with other areas (ethics, epistemology, etc) it has been very rare for the job to go to someone who is a specialist in non-Western. They almost always go to the Western ethicist, epistimologist, etc. So the numbers for non-Western may not end up quite as rosy as they initially seem.

Illusion of Terra

Concerning positions in Europe I agree with the above. Usually it is country wide, meaning you need to know the website, if there even is any, for the specific country to find positions posted. Some universities only advertise it just on their website. I worked for the maintenance of a philosophy research group and they advertised the position only on that specific research group website, i.e. almost impossible to find unless you check every research group.
Generally though there is only a handful of countries and only a dozen of universities in Europe which might be considered 'high tier'.
That being said, there is something like philjobs offered by the EU which you can find here:

or for philosophy, excluding religious studies, here with filters:

RJ McKenna

In addition to the websites listed above, many European jobs are advertised on the philos-l mailing list:



Marcus, I've broken out the "non-Western" jobs and am in the process of trying to track down hires to see which were hired in a "non-Western" (nw) field and which were not. Readers may be interested in the following:

Of the 13 advertisements which include an nw field:

1 was in China (Huaqiao), 3 were in Canada, 10 in the US.
3 were some kind of indigenous philosophies (1 US, 2 Canada).
3 were Latin/Latinx philosophies. Each of these had at least one disjunct: Decolonial thought; Carribean; Central-South American Indigenous Philosophy and/or Religion; African/Africana.
2 were African/Africana. Each of these had a disjunct: Latin American or Latinx Philosophy, Philosophy of Race.
4 were Asian Philosophy. Of these, one specified "East Asian," another added "esp. Chinese." Three included disjuncts: Comparative Philosophy; Buddhist Philosophy; Social and Political Philosophy
3 were simply AOS in terms of a negation: two "non-Canonical philosophy" and one "non-European philosophy."

Given the disjuncts, at least two of the ads could have been fulfilled without a hire in an nw field, and from what I can tell, one of those was hired in this way (Virginia Tech, where the hire does US social/political philosophy).


One more addition: I'm trying to track down hires at the "nw" jobs, just to see what the AOS is of the hire. If anyone has information about the positions below, they can email me (c.malcolm.keating , gmail) or edit the spreadsheet.

Note: I am *not* recording the name of the person hired, because I realize people online can get ugly about folks who get jobs. I'm just wondering which of the jobs got filled, and for which disjunctions when there are multiple options for the AOS.

Jobs in "non-Western" fields:
University of Connecticut
Queen's University
DePaul University
Tulane University
North Texas University
Simon Fraser
Texas A&M
Colorado State
Lake Forest

Link to spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1asEjdOgwVn29qR8FerxBeA4aRzXuQlPhpwOzXA4XxLo/edit?usp=sharing

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