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David Kovacs

As another philosopher from Israel, I'd like to add one small thing to Sam's thoughtful post on the philosophy scene here.

One interesting aspect of professional life in Israel is the very small size of the country. While for obvious reasons this is a source of security challenges, when it comes to local philosophy events it's an advantage because most philosophy departments are only a couple of hours driving away from most other philosophy departments (and a bit more with public transit). This means that the philosophy scene of Israel often more resembles that of a very large city, rather than that of a bigger country.

While in many ways convenient, the main downside I see with this is that it contributes to the absence of what I perhaps most miss from philosophy as it's done in the English-speaking world: the post-event drinks. Since in domestic philosophy events participants usually rush back to the city where they live, there's very little of that here (though my sense is that many of us who got used to the US/UK way of doing things are working to change this!)

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