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Interesting discussion. If those are the virtues, I would think some of the virtues are incompatible with others. For example, ambition today almost always requires making a name for yourself as the person associated with a certain view (at least one, maybe several). But being associated with a certain view requires not changing your commitment to the view. But what do you do if you come to see that your view isn't true, or unlikely to be true? Truthfulness requires abandoning it or weakening your commitment to it. But then your ambition is at stake insofar as you risk no longer being associated with that view.

These are loose thoughts, but connected to my idea that publishing can be an epistemic vice, because you're under dual pressure to maintain your thesis/argument 1) in the face of referees' resistance and 2) in light of the fact that you're now associated with the view. Whereas if you don't publish, those pressures disappear.


- "we don't hold it against academics to re-iterate the same idea for decades, for example."

"We" may not, but I certainly do. I'd like to propose "having a functioning sense of shame" as an academic virtue we could all do more to cultivate.

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