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elisa freschi

Thank you for sharing. I often do communicate to authors my students' reaction to their essays and often get enthusiastic answers. (At times, I also get weird answers with stuff like "You did not understand my work well enough"). I will certainly try to suggest it to students as well.


I know it's cheesy but I really do think that each person can play a small role in changing the jerk culture of academia. We can all make conscious efforts to be kind. Even if we don't do something like write a thank-you note (which is a great idea) it is so easy and takes so little time to just work on being more kind with the emails you are already sending, the talks you are already giving, the questions you are already asking, etc. It is just a matter of making a personal commitment to think about these things and make the daily effort. Even though academic philosophy is still, sadly, very unkind in many ways, I do believe it is getting better.

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