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Daniel Moerner

Thanks for this fascinating report on being a philosopher in Brazil! I just wanted to comment to note that the author, Nastassja Pugliese, has a very interesting recent paper on Anne Conway's response to Spinoza (https://philpapers.org/rec/PUGMAI-2). I was just rereading the paper today to prepare to teach Conway, and so it felt like a nice stroke of luck for this to be posted at the same time.


I prefer to comment anonymously to not suffer reprisal.

Although many elements in the text are correct and should be fought for, like salaries and other resources, the funniest thing is to observe the suppose best brazilians universities of the World does not ever appear in the 200+ top-ranked.

The education in Brazil is terrible for decades and the better University of Brazil, the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), maintained for São Paulo's state, received the equivalent donated to Harvard privately. Brazil insists to make an ode anticapitalist. It's beautiful, but besides not working, puts the level of students in the grave.

It's clear that be a philosopher in Brazil means put your heart in front of your brain.

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