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Thomas Mulligan

I received a grant from IHS to distribute my book, Justice and the Meritocratic State. Much of the book is devoted to explaining why libertarianism is unjust, and advancing public policies anathema to libertarians, such as robust public education and high top marginal income taxes. I am grateful for their support.

More generally, I think you have things just right, Marcus: Fretting about what is professionally expedient and what is not, or about how others might, unreasonably, react to one's true self is a mistake. It is possible to gain things this way, but at too high a cost. Best to try to do meritorious work, and let the chips fall where they may.


Some people will hold it against you, just like other people will hold other things against you. I doubt this would be debilitating on the market. I guess it depends on how much you would benefit from the grant. After all, someone who might hold IHS against you might also throw your CV in the trash if your publication history is weak, and funding from IHS could make a difference in getting more publications (e.g. by letting you. teach less and opening up more time for writing.)

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