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To my mind, in general it feels smaller and sparser than last year's at the moment, although that may well change by December. (Or maybe my impressions are wrong!)

For aesthetics, it's crashed again. But last year was a bumper crop year, so I guess that's to be expected.


I agree with Michel about it seeming smaller and sparser than last year's so far.

However, with about 7 jobs that mention a Metaphysics AOS, that's better than usual for metaphysics (or so I recall).


It wouldn’t be surprising if things were worse this year. The economy is slowing down. The Fed is lowering rates and announced more money printing the other day. It’s unlikely to be a good year guys! Sorry! Best of luck!


Applied ethics is doing pretty well - with an emphasis on biomedicine and AI/technology. Philosophy of science is doing pretty well as well

Last year’s stale graduate

Seems much better for metaphysics, and possibly also language?

Still good for ethics, especially applied ethics.

To me at least, last year seemed a bonanza for mind, neuro, and cog sci-related positions. Not so much this year, as far as I can tell.


Whether or not the market is good does not simply depend on how many jobs there are and in what areas, it also depends on how many job candidates there are, in what areas, and how competitive they are. Is it good for ethics? Maybe, but there likely are increasingly more people doing ethics than language or metaphysics (I might be wrong). What you want is be in the niche area that hires proportionally more than others in a given year you're on the market. Those lucky few who chose to work on data ethics a few years ago are having a rather fine year, but that's all very relative.


I see 7-8 jobs in ancient philosophy. when I was on the market (2016), there were 4-5 jobs, so it seems that the situation is improving


History of Philosophy/History of Modern/Early Modern have had quite a few postings

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