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Chris Stephens

This looks great! I have tried to incorporate grading a sample paper into my courses, but have used only one paper: I sometimes get the students to mark and annotate it according to some rubric. But I think increasing the sample size is a good idea (a good and a bad paper).

I have also had them redo parts of papers - where I write (badly) say, just a single first paragraph of a paper, and then get them to rewrite it to make it better.

I've also used modified "scavenger hunts" to get them to find things on each others' first drafts. (I ask them to "find the thesis and underline it" and ask them questions like "does it say both what and how the author will argue" etc.)

Sometimes I use multiple choice questions (e.g. "which of the following is the best opening to a paper?" and have them answer them in small groups. It is sometimes surprising what they think is the best opening, but then I use it as an opportunity to discuss expectations, etc.)

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