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Ada Agada

The Peru situation is similar to what obtains in Nigeria. Funding remains the greatest obstacle to philosophy practice in the developing world.

Italian philosopher who is not working in Italy

"At the end, just a tiny percentage of philosophers get a tenured appointment and teach to philosophy students. This is an elite among professional philosophers – an “elite” mainly in the sense of a small, influential, and well-connected group within a field and not necessarily one defined in terms of the academic excellence of its members.

On top of that, it should be stated that tenured vacancies are not adequately and sufficiently advertised. Public universities advertise them just to the minimum extent necessary in order to fulfill the legislation’s requirements and private universities many times advertise these positions only through internal bulletin boards. This may count as evidence of a piece of common knowledge in the area: available positions have already specific winners even before been advertised. Usually having a good network is more efficient than a strong publication record if someone aspire to get a job as an academic philosopher in Peru. Indeed, a case of an individual lacking any publication and being hired with tenure does not constitute a total exception in the local scene."

This is a perfect description of the Italian academia as well.

luis escobedo

Buen articulo del profe Villena; pero le falta el enfoque social de lo que representa ser un filósofo comprometido con una de sus ramas filosóficas que es la política. Hay un divorcio entre teoría y práctica filosófica, solo se tiene la máxima aspiración de ser profesor universitario (según el propio prof. Villena) pero lo fundamental es contribuir a la ciudad como lo hacían en sus comienzos los padres de la filosofía en las ciudades griegas, hay que llevar la filosofía a la ciudad y sobre todo el Estado para lograr cambiar todo lo que vivimos a diario, la presencia de políticos incapaces que solo buscan beneficiarse económicamente. Hay una carencia de intelectuales pensantes que conciban nuevos caminos para salir de esta crisis moral, política, social, etc. Precisamente esa es la razón de ser de la carrera de filosofía en las universidades de lo contrario seguiremos en la misma miseria humana ...

Publicado por: luis escobedo El | 11/11/2019 a las 10:58 AM

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