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Email from Eindhoven (ethics/philosophy of science and technology) saying that they have rejected 150 of their applications and they will make their first-round decisions by the end of the week. I found it a bit odd that they sent a note about this, but I am assuming it means my application was not among the 150 rejections (although the email doesn't explicitly say anything about my application).


Princeton (open) requested additional writing samples.


- anoNY: I haven't heard anything from Baruch after the Skype interview. Good luck to us!


I haven't seen anything here about Princeton and Cornell open searches. I'm assuming they already invited people to skype/visit but it would be nice to know for sure.


TU/e: I received an email saying that they have *received* 150 applications, and that they are looking into all the material


Ah, literally a minute late about Princeton. Thanks for the info postduck *chuckles*


PFO from Baruch CUNY (Open)


Skype interview invitation from Koç University.


PFO (Jan 15) for Baruch College, CUNY


Has anyone heard from Union College (Epistemology/Metaphysics) yet?


KA: I have not heard anything from Union.


Poolonsky Academy, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Request for letters of recommendation (only from long listed candidates)


Union has set up Skype interviews. I’m really sorry.


Anyone heard anything from the major bioethics post-docs? (I'm wondering specifically about UPenn, NIH, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and Stanford.)

Job Seeker

Cal Poly has scheduled on-campus interviews for the Tech Ethics position

Dwight Schrute

UPenn ELSI Bioethics postdoc has scheduled flyouts


CalTech (postdoctoral instructor: Philosophical issues in new technologies) has scheduled Skype interviews


Anyone heard anything from the Upenn MindCORE postdoc after submission, like a confirmation email?


I am aware of someone who had a skype interview for stanford bioethics post doc


Anyone heard from U of Houston?

Random Man

Any word from Houston or Scranton?

Occidental College: update

Email from Occidental College stating they will not be pursuing my candidacy. Noted 130+ applicants. So an offer is out or accepted I imagine, or at least a set of finalists.


Houston is scheduling on-campus interviews.


Any news from Baylor?


Anyone heard from San Jose State on their logic job? (I know this was asked a while back but no one responded.)


Any word on George Mason (Moral Psych)?


At TU Eindhoven they said they planned to schedule skype interviews by today. Anyone heard back from them?


Skype interview from TU/e (ethics/philosophy of science and technology)


PFO from Carnegie Mellon (logic)


texas tech (m&e) has sent out flyout invitations


Skype interview from University of Florida (ethics)


PFO from Bersoff fellowship


UCSB (ethics) has gone to flyouts


Anyone know anything about the University of Sydney's job in mathematical philosophy?


Thanks to everyone who’s posted updates. Has anyone heard from Michigan - Dearborn (ethics)?


Impersonal pfo from Rutgers postdoc.

Visiting assistant penguin

Cal State Bakersfield (epistemology) has scheduled Skype interviews.


Still no news on Cornell (open)?


Does anyone have any news on the Pace lecturer position?


Does anyone know if LSU (Ancient) or Cal State San Bernardino (Ancient) have scheduled interviews yet?


Flyout invitation Virginia Tech (philosophy of race & Africana philosophy)

anon ancient

@dontwanttoask , CS San Bernardino (ancient) has interviewed candidates. No one has reported anything about LSU (ancient).


@anon ancient San Bernardino is done with Skype interviews? Or fly outs?

another anon ancient

Just got a Skype interview request for Cal State San Bernardino (Ancient.)


Did University at Buffalo move on to schedule fly outs?
That job wiki is annoying to follow.


Any rumors of interviews or shortlist notifications for the Rutgers postdoc, or just the pfo? I didn’t get the pfo but I haven’t heard good news either, which is kind of unusual. Assuming it’s a clerical error and I was meant to get the same pfo as everyone else, unless...



I got an email this past week saying that an offer for the Rutgers postdoc had been made (not to me), but that I was on a shortlist of 3 alternates.

ABD Anxiety

Has anyone heard positive news from Dartmouth for the Mellon Fellowship?


Buffalo: Yes, University at Buffalo is scheduling fly outs.


PFO from King's/Western (ethics)


Any news after the second round interviews for the Alden March Bioethics fellowship?


Stevens Institute of Technology is scheduling phone interviews


Have any folks heard about campus visits for Bloomsburg?


U Rochester (phil sci) is scheduling Skype interviews.


Any updates on Baruch College, CUNY since the skype interviews?

Football Person

Clemson (ethics) has scheduled flyouts

Football Person

Clemson (open) has scheduled flyouts


Any news on Arizona State University?

ham sandwich

Any news from Fudan University?


Vapping. I'm also waiting to hear from ambi.

also waiting

I am also waiting to hear about the Alden March Bioethics fellowship.


Any word on:

college of st scholastica?
Perimeter college?
Southern Mississippi?
College of the Atlantic?


Any word on Johns Hopkins and NIH bioethics postdocs?


Waiting & Also Waiting: Thanks for the updates.

Random Man

I have it on good authority that Benedictine College has made first cuts and is asking finalists for additional documents.


Florida Atlantic sent a request for a writing sample


Franklin and Marshall (Phil cog sci) has made a hire


Hi everyone, any idea how long it usually takes to hear back after a Skype interview?


anon: there is a wide range. some departments get back to you in a couple days. some get back to you in a week or two. some take more than a month. it depends both on how quick the committee is and what sort of approval they need to get at their institution. in my (limited) experience I would say a week or two is most common, but I wouldn't worry if it is taking longer than that.


anonanon, thank you!


Just got a request for more materials (writing samples and teaching statement) from U of Leeds. Interviews will be late February.

anon ancient

Has anyone heard from Hawaii (ancient) regarding fly-out interviews? Thanks.


LSU (ancient) is conducting skype interviews next weekend. 12 invited for these interviews, with the hopes of narrowing it down to 2 for fly-outs.

anon ancient

Loras College (ancient) is scheduling Skype interviews.


UT Arlington is scheduling skype interviews

anon ancient

Hawaii (ancient) has gone to flyouts; two finalists being flown out from initial applicant pool of 86.

Also, let me correct myself above, for what it's worth. I called the Loras College job 'ancient,' but that's not right. It's AOS: open, AOC: ancient, medieval, metaphysics, epistemology, and others.

A person without a job

Any word on:

Mississippi State?
Bowling Green State?
Mount Saint Joseph?


PFO from Loras College on Jan 25.

also jobless

@A person without a job: I know of someone who had a Skype interview at BGSU. I believe Mississippi State has also scheduled Skype interviews.


College of St. Scholastica is scheduling first round interviews


Has anyone heard anything about West Texas A&M's early modern search?


also jobless: the way you formulated your claim about Mississippi State made me think that you were perhaps a bit doubtful as to whether Mississippi State has scheduled Skype interviews. Could you clarify/say more?


PFO (Jan 27) from Boston College, Assist. Prof. of Practice position. The letter notes that there were nearly 400 applications.

PFO's a comin'

Regarding anonny's post at 8:46am, FWIW to others, I have received neither PFO nor interview request as of yet from Loras.

why so indignant?

Indignant: Mississippi State has conducted Skype interviews


Anyone else get homework from Marian? They sent questions about the role of a Catholic university in society and the challenges facing higher ed. Did this go to all applicants?

anon ancient

@A person without a job, Arkansas has also reportedly gone to interviews. No one has reported on Mount Saint Joseph, so far as I am aware.

anon ancient

PFO from Boston College (teaching). Almost 400 applicants!


pfo Boston College (Professor of the Practice)


Sorry indignant, but I know for a fact that MSU has made decisions about Skype interviews (though I only reasonably believe, but am not 100% sure, that they already actually scheduled all their interviews).


@sadlogician San Jose State (Logic) has conducted Skype interviews.


West Texas A&M is scheduling Skype interviews (I shoulda been more patient).

Coulda been a WTAMUer

To flimflam and whoever else might have a Skype with West Texas A&M: even though the job is pretty clearly a teaching job, they asked me fairly detailed questions about my writing sample during my Skype with them last year. Be ready.

Still waiting

Anyone heard back from the AMBI bioethics post doc yet? I recall being told news was likely to come this week so I’m rather on the edge of my seat over it.

Would also love to know if anyone knows anything about any of the various Johns Hopkins post docs.

Utah has made an offer; University of Florida (Gainesville) has done Skype interviews, if it wasn’t mentioned previously.

also waiting

still waiting, I'm also still waiting on AMBI with bated breath. They said it would likely be a week or two. Today is two weeks for me.

I've also heard nothing from Hopkins postdocs.


Still Waiting & Also Waiting: Same here for AMBI (hopefully, there are not more than three of us).

Also no word from Hopkins.


Dearborn doing Skypes.


Thoughtful and polite PFO (Jan 28) from St. Scholastica. Noted that there were "162 highly competitive applications".


Any news from University of Missouri on their teaching NTT?


On the topic of bioethics: Has anyone else heard anything about the Stanford bioethics post-doc or the NIH post-doc?

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