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Lake Forest has scheduled flyouts

job applicant

Has anyone heard from the University of Arkansas regarding the TT position (open AOS)?

Random Man

Any word from Wingate?

Random Man

Wingate, I have learned, has moved to a second round of Skype interviews, with six candidates.


Any word from UT Arlington after interviews?

VAP life

Colorado State has scheduled on-campus interviews for the East Asian position.


Texas: I don't know what this means for you, but I got a Skype interview request from UT-Arlington on 2/6 (and did the interview on 2/9). I know that there was a round of Skype interview requests that went out much earlier, towards the end of January. So I was kind of puzzling about that myself: did someone scheduled for an interview drop out, and I was the next one up? Or did they do an initial round and then schedule a whole different set of people for the same kind of interview? (Maybe you could tell me whether you interviewed before 2/6?)


PoopyShoes: i interviewed the 7th, but it was scheduled much earlier. You did the interview on a Sunday? :D


Well this is strange. I too got an (initial) interview request from UT Arlington on 2/6. I ended up doing the interview on 2/8 (yes, Saturday!).


UF is scheduling flyouts for the bioethics position.


AnotherUTArlingtonian and PoopyShoes: that is strange indeed. Anyway, I'll keep you posted if I hear something


Any word from U.British Columbia (Okanagan), or York U about Skype interviews or more?


University of Oklahoma (virtue theory) is scheduling flyouts.


Arlington folk. An applicant took another position and dropped out of the search. This is likely why there was a spot for another interview.


Any imagistic cognition news?


Any news from Eindhoven after the Skype interview?


@applicant - does "UF" refer to the University of Florida? Thanks.


any news on Cornell?


Eindhoven (Ethics/science/technology) is scheduling flyouts.


Arkansas has gone to flyouts.


Has anyone heard about Cal State Bakersfield (epistemology) after the zoom interviews?


Anon 5:06, did you get the Arkansas flyout today, or is this a reference to the earlier flyout?


Does anyone know what stage Utrecht's modern search is at (the TT one)?


Has anyone heard about:

U Virginia Postdoc?
Texas State?


@poster: Sorry for any confusion. Yes, “UF” was meant to refer to the University of Florida.


Anyone have any knowledge of the statuses of either Missouri (NTT teaching), or Ryerson (Business Ethics)?


Groningen (ethics) Skype invite


Anyone hear anything yet from Hood College?

Georgetown Ethics Lab?

Texas again

What about UT Arlington? It's been a week after interviews, and they seemed to me in a rush.

ancient anon

Cal State San Bernardino (Ancient) has sent out invitations for campus visits.


Haven’t heard back from Arlington either and very curious if anyone has. (I don’t think my interview went very well, though).


Has anyone heard from Alabama (Postdoc, Open), UCLA (Postdoc, Logic) or Lone Star College (FT, Logic)?


Some of the slots offered for the second smattering of UT-Arlington interviews were on Friday 2/14. That doesn't mean they got any takers, and so they might have finished Sunday 2/9. But there's a good chance they just finished interviews on Friday.

Another hopeless anon

PFO from La Trobe. Their HR department is “interested in staying connected with me.” Hurray...


PFO from La Trobe (https://philjobs.org/job/show/14478)


MIT AI and York AI Ethics: any news?


A request for letters from Missouri Medical Ethics Assistant Teaching Professor (https://philjobs.org/job/show/13678) 36 applicants remain, list of 10 finalists to be compiled by March 1.


PFO from University of Twente (applied ethics)

William and Mary

I have it on good authority that William and Mary has extended an initial offer.


Skype interview for Toronto Centre for Ethics Postdoc.


Any word on the Polonsky fellowship in Israel?


Phone interview for Hood College https://philjobs.org/job/show/14598


Arlington medical humanities fly out


praying: I sent an email asking for an update and was told today that they were still interviewing.I guess they finished the interview process by lunch and then send out invitations :D

Random Man

Anyone know what is going on at Oswego? Someone said they are doing more phone interviews after doing first-round last month....


Skype interview for Wofford College (https://philjobs.org/job/show/14818)


Long shot but anyone know anything about the Metaphysics Job at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo? Have they made an offer?

Unemployed Anon

Nice enough PFO from UM Dearborn


Flyout invitation from Stevens institute of technology (applied ethics). I saw someone post here that they had scheduled flyouts a few weeks ago. So I am wondering if anyone has information about why they are inviting candidates at a later time.


Anon @ 9:14: I don't know for sure if Cal Poly made an offer on the Metaphysics job, but I do know they very recently finished on-campus interviews for that position before starting on-campus interviews for the Tech Ethics position.
So, I suspect they have not yet made a decision/offer, but probably will be soon enough.


Skype interview request from Wesleyan (https://philjobs.org/job/show/14782).


Bergen posdoc rejection from...mid June.

non-TT who must soon re-sign lease

Has anyone heard from Xavier (non-TT teaching job) or University of Central Florida (TT, ancient)?


Has anyone who interviewed at St. Scholastica heard anything back yet?

PFO's a comin'

@non-TT who must soon re-sign lease,

Was contacted by Xavier this week to interview next week.


UBC Okanagan campus visit invite.


University of Missouri, Columbia (renewable, but non-TT Assistant Teaching Professor of Medical Ethics) has moved to flyouts https://philjobs.org/job/show/13678


PFO from Polonsky Fellowship in Israel


Has the NIH made initial offers for the two-year postdoc yet?


Anyone hear from Florida Atlantic University (bioethics search) after Skype interview? Any campus visits? Thank you!


PFO MindCORE postdoctoral fellowship

Random Man

anon: Someone I know who interviewed at St. Scholastica has not heard back.


Hi Curious. I am also still waiting on the NIH post doc. They told me it might be around the end of the month.

Random Man

PFO from Scholastica has been sent

anon ancient

University of Central Florida (ancient) is scheduling ‘video’ (first round) interviews.


Did anyone else who interviewed at Mt. St Joseph get any clear indication about a timeline for the next steps?


Nice PFO from College of the Atlantic


Any word on the Embedded EthiCS postdoc at Harvard?


Postdoc in medieval/ early modern at Groningen has been offered to candidate.


Any word on:

U Virginia Postdoc?
Texas State?

No one

Any word on Beijing Normal U after they requested more info?


Embedded EthiCS Harvard made an offer


Hannover/Bielefeld 4.5 years postdoc in phil sc made at least one offer


One of the Hannover/Bielefeld 4.5 year postdocs in phil sci has been accepted. If the offer that Germany mentions was made recently, then it was not that offer.

Chinese AI

Lingnan (chinese philosophy/philosophy of AI) has requested additional material


Anyone heard about flyouts for Cal State Bakersfield?


anyone out there know anything about Mt. St Joseph?


Seconding @Anonanonanon's request for CSU Bakersfield info. I was told they would be contacting candidates "mid-February" and so I assume that they have chosen their fly-out candidates, but it would be nice to know for sure so I can mourn properly. ;)


Cal State Sacramento has finalized their search.

anon for the umpteenth time

Is there still no update on the MIT Stalnaker postdoc position or the UCLA logic/language/mind postdoc positions?

UIC Postdoc

It's a little early to ask, but any word on the Bridge to Faculty Postdoc at UIC (https://philjobs.org/job/show/14550)?

Not moving to wherever Johns Hopkins is.

Thoughtful rejection letter from Johns Hopkins Foundations of Mind postdoc indicating the position has been filled.



Texas Tech (m&e search) has made an offer.

ulcer-ridden ethicist

Does anyone know if the NIH has made its post doc offers now? Am more than a bit anxious about it, so any information would be greatly appreciated.


Any news on Clemson (open)?


Clemson has made offers.

NIH postdoc

Ulcer-ridden ethicist: I asked the director and she said that initial offers had been made last week. I didn’t receive one. Looks like we are now waiting on someone to decline.

Toss a Job to your Philosopher

Lake Forest has extended an offer and had it accepted.

Random Man

Any word from Wingate or Oswego?

Toss a Job to your Philosopher

Anyone heard about Cal State Bakersfield's Phil Race position yet?


NIH postdoc: Oof. Thanks for letting me know.


PFO Sydney (Mathematical Philosophy)

job candidate

SFSU made an offer (which was accepted) for the applied ethics position. Cal Poly Pomona search committee chair says they are "still working" to choose their top pick for the applied ethics position.


College of the Holy Cross has made an offer.


Oslo ConsciousBrainConcepts postdoc interview.

NIH postdoc

I just withdrew my application for the NIH postdoc I interviewed for. Just to be clear: I did not receive an offer, but neither did I receive a rejection. I effectively removed myself from the waitlist. Last I heard, six people interviewed for three positions. Good luck.

Not moving to wherever Creighton University is.

Somewhat odd given that the application deadline has not yet passed but rejection letter from the Creighton business ethics postdoc.



NIH post doc, that’s good to hear. I know another philosopher who took themselves off it as well. So God willing, there’s a chance...


Anyone know if Central Michigan (early modern) made any offers yet?


I've heard that Central Michigan has made an offer.

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