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Alabama-Birmingham has scheduled Skype interviews


Skype interview request from Chapman University.

An applicant

Any news on Texas Tech?

Candidate Number Five

Hey other ancient folks. Any word on any of the early ancient/history jobs? For example: UConn, Chicago, Pitt, UIC, and I guess it's probably too early for Hawaii.


Not to sound passive aggressive or anything, but I don't understand how the questions help. If someone has some new and is here, they're probably here to post that news.


As to the EEO requests, they tell you nothing useful. I just received one from Boston University...but I didn't apply to Boston. So, I went back through my records and see that I did apply to BU last year, so I HR is contacting applicants over a year after they applied...

second time out

U Chicago Stevanovich Institute postdoc interviews scheduled


Any news on George Mason University?


PFO from Duke (M/E/Mind Search)


Georgia State has moved to Skype interviews


Baruch College (CUNY) emailed me this evening to request additional letters...


PFO from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (modern).

Lake Forest APA

Lake Forest is scheduling APA interviews.

Edinburgh writing samples

Edinburgh has contacted some applicants to get their writing samples, so I assume this means they have made their long list.


Coastal Carolina has moved to Skype interviews.


@ someone 12/4/19 - which Georgia State job? I think their system advertised 3 jobs this year (Perimeter College, grad pedagogy lectureship and standard TT job).

second time out

This psychology jobs wiki seems to indicate that Franklin and Marshall is already on flyouts:
Still haven't gotten a PFO

anon above

Sorry! The mind job. https://philjobs.org/job/show/13554

anon above

^to clarify which GSU job


Lake Forest APA: was the request by email or phone?


Bucknell scheduling interviews.


U of York (UK) -- 3 jobs. PFO today, after being interviewed a few weeks ago.


PFO from Durham (UK)


PFO from Claremont Graduate University.


PFO from Santa Clara


Villanova is contacting about Skype interviews


George Mason has scheduled interviews.


Anonuk: which Durham job? Philosophy department or Classics?


I know of first round interviews for both Loyola Chicago Soc/Pol and George Mason Moral Psych.


anonuk: Which Durham job is this for? The dept advertised a few if I recall? (Wondering if I should be excited about the silence)


Skype at University of Washington


Which washington? St louis or Seattle?


Also: if it is Seattle, it is the phil sc job, or the phil race job? Thanks


Which University of Washington position? Philosophy of science or philosophy of race/law?


George Mason scheduled interviews for philsci? Campus or skype?


I think there were at least 3 jobs at Villanova this year. Joe, can you clarify which one you're referring to?

While I'm very thankful for those who share their updates, I'll second the suggestion of a previous commenter that it would be much more useful (and involve fewer headaches) if folks listed the specific job they've heard news about.


It's the continental/critical theory job at Villanova


UWashington (race/law) has requested interviews.


@europostdoc & @anontoo: The Durham job was in Philosophy (https://www.dur.ac.uk/jobs/recruitment/vacancies/phil20-2/)


Emory is scheduling interviews.


PFO from Villanova (NTT ethics job)


PFO from Trinity University (Ethics). They had over 230 applications.


UNL has requested interviews.


Ryerson (ancient phl) has moved to Skype interviews.


The other post at Durham (open search 19-1) has moved to the stage of requesting letters.


Caltech (value theory) is scheduling Skype interviews


SUNY Oswego? West Texas A&M?


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo sent out interview requests for the TT Metaphysics job.


I've been told that West Texas A&M wont have decisions until January.

I would have enjoyed Canyon

On West Texas A&M: they ran this exact search last year and did not notify me of first-round interviews until January 22. I then had my Skype interview the first week of February. Total silence after that, until May 20, when I got an email that said that the search had failed, they had not hired anyone, and that they’d be running the search again this year (which is what they are doing now).

So I wouldn’t expect to hear from them for a long while.

Sans Name

Any word on SFSU (philosophy of law)? I know interviews have already been scheduled for the applied ethics job, wondering about this one. Thanks.


Sans Name, the SFSU phil of law skype interviews have been scheduled too


Did anyone hear from Loyola Marymount (continental)?


Anybody know if Coe College has requested writing samples yet?

yet another modern philosopher

If anyone has info on any of the following, I'd appreciate it:

Wash U in St. Louis (open), Pitt (modern), UBC (modern), Louvain (17th C), Weber State (ancient or modern), York University (non-canonical), Occidental College (non-canonical), Wayne State (open)...

Thanks and good luck everyone.


I know that Duke and WashU have sent out skype and campus invites respectively. (I am not a recipient of either.)


Occidental College (non-canonical) already scheduled interviews.


George Mason (phil sci) is scheduling firsr-round interviews


Any news from Baylor?


Pfo UC Cork


Anyone know if U of Scranton has proceeded to on-campus interviews or offers?


Re: Baylor, assuming you mean the bioethics postdoc: I had a skype interview on the 21st of November but have not heard back


UC Irvine is scheduling flyouts.


ANON, which UC Irvine job?


Hi - does anyone have any news about Fordham, Pitt, NYU or Indiana (all ethics)?
Thanks, and good luck to all.

Pterodactyl Man

PFO from Baylor (not the Med school).138 applications.

Random Man

Any word on Georgia Periameter?

Scranton has completed on-campuses. Baylor has completed first cuts.

Random Guy

Loyola Marymount is moving on to on-campuses.


Texas Tech have just sent out interview requests.

Ann On

Any word on U of Alabama (metaphysics/biomed), Clemson, or Union College (NY)? Note: there was an earlier comment on Clemson's timeline but no follow-up about whether anyone heard from them.


@Pterodactyl Man: Is this Baylor University? (https://www.higheredjobs.com/faculty/details.cfm?JobCode=177092916)

Pterodactyl Man

I can’t find the ad now, but the Baylor University philosophy department (in Waco, TX) ran an Open search for an Assistant Professor of Philosophy. That’s the one I’m reporting on. I saw something about Baylor College of Medicine or something and wanted to be clear that the job I’m reporting on is not that. It’s stone-cold philosophy.


Thanks, Pterodactyl Man! Yes, that's the one for which this add is for. Thank you for clarifying.


Is that the UC Riverside Phil Race/Feminist Philosophy job? Did they go straight to flyouts that fast?

Anyone have news about Pomona or the New School?


@ Ann on: Alabama has contacted people for flyouts for that job.


Does anyone have news about Utah (research ethics)?

On the Market

1986: Fordham (Applied Ethics) has been conducting Skype interviews

Anon on 12/11: Pomona (Applied Ethics) is scheduling on campus interviews.

Thanks to everyone for their updates. Best of luck.

I hope not!

anyone heard about any of the following?
Notre dame (ethics/political)
UC Berkeley (Epistemology, Phil Science, Moral/Political, or Ancient)
Baruch College (Open)
USC (Social/Political/Legal)
NYU (ethics)
Cornell (Open)
WashU St Louis (Open)?
Princeton (Open)
Pittsburgh (practical)
UC Santa Barbara (ethics/social/political)
MIT (open)
UT Austin (Ethics)

Anonymous moose

@On the market: Are you referring to the Pomona job in European Philosophy (https://philjobs.org/job/show/13366)?


On the Market: Do you mean Cal Poly Pomona (Bioethics/Phil Law/Phil Science) or Pomona College (19th & 20th Century Continental)?

anon ancient

Has anyone heard from Villanova (ancient), Hawaii (ancient), Cal State San Bernardino (ancient), or Weber State (history)?

Thanks for all the info and updates, all.


Fordham philosophy of science has begun to schedule flyouts

another anon ancient

Add to anon ancient's list above: University of Illinois-Chicago (ancient), Pitt (ancient), UConn (ancient). Any news?

(also: lol, I somehow missed that Villanova job. Whoops!)

On the Market

Re clarifying questions from Anon and Anonymous moose: Cal Poly Pomona Applied Ethics is scheduling interviews.


Any news on University of Washington (philosophy of science position)?

anon ancient (#1)

@another anon ancient, UConn (ancient) has apparently scheduled first-round interviews.


Thanks to Marcus for hosting this discussion, but I find the format less than ideal.

I've made a proper wiki for posting job information: https://academicjobs.wikia.org/wiki/Philosophy_2019-20

Since I think this will be more convenient for everyone, I suggest posting info there rather than, or at least in addition to, posting it here.


There already is a philosophy job wiki: http://phylo.info/jobs/wiki



It’s broken, anon.

Phylo Curious

Anon@3:17, it appears the Phylo Wiki has not been working (sufficiently well) for some time. I tried adding entries to it weeks ago. Unlike in past years, those entries haven't showing-up. I'm guessing from the paucity of entries that others have had a similar experience. Hence, the need for a new job wiki.


Mike: I posted a few updates on your wiki, but for some reasons the page doesn't show them


Is it common to be notified of first-round interviews by a phone call rather than email? I am very bad about answering my phone, but just received a Skype interview request that way.

Random Man

While this format is far from perfect, may I recommend we stick with it for the remainder of this job season? And perhaps someone can try to invent a better one for next season? This way all information remains consolidated in one place for the time being.


Another ancient person here, appreciative of updates on the ancient jobs (here or on the new wiki, whatever.)

Hawaii's deadline for applications is December 31, so I don't think y'all will hear anything soon.

anon ancient (#1)

@ireaddeadpeople, be careful: the job ad for Hawaii is listed to expire on 12/31, but note that within the ad the review beginning date is listed as 12/1.


Sans Name

Indiana, Bloomington (ethics) is scheduling Skype interviews.


Cal State San Bernardino (Ancient) requested writing samples/letters.

@anon ancient (#1): Thanks for the heads up. I owe you a beer/wine/non-alcoholic cocktail at whatever ancient workshop we both end up at.


UNC(PPE) has scheduled interviews.

another anon

About UNC (PPE): on campus or skype?


@another anon I don't have first person knowledge but I have it on good authority that they've done Skype interviews. I don't know anything about fly outs.

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