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anon for the umpteenth time: I know I've been rejected from the UCLA postdoc, but only because I recently emailed HR and they told me.


UIC Postdoc: I was emailed last week and told I was shortlisted. They also said that a decision on flyouts would come this week.

Maybe next year...

PFO from JHU philosophy and mental disorder postdoc

Imagine all the postdocs.

Rejection letter from Salzburg/Antwerp imagistic cognition postdoc.

William and Mary

William and Mary has extended an offer, which has been accepted.


@UIC Postdoc: UIC Bridge to Faculty Postdoc has sent visit invitations.

anonymous grad student

Duke has made an offer.


Bakersfield scheduled flyouts, according to a reliable source.


anonanonanon is this for the epistemology job?


yikes: yes, for the epistemology job. Sorry.


Invitation for a phone interview for the Thinking Matters Fellowship at Stanford (

Toss a Job to your Philosopher

Anyone have any idea how the Coronavirus is impacting job searches and their processes? has anyone received word from hiring institutions about this?

UK interview

I had a campus visit scheduled for a couple of weeks from now that was converted to a Skype interview. I was told all candidates will be doing it on Skype so I will not be disadvantaged.


I have a Zoom interview with Dixie State (teaching postdoc). They will not be doing live interviews because of the coronavirus.

Anonymous Postdoc

Any news re: the Lecturer position in metaphysics and epistemology at Wellington, NZ?


Does anyone know if the NIH post doc offers have been accepted? Still hoping against hope I might be an alternate.


One of my students was switched to a skype interview. 2 candidates doing skype and one already came in person.

NIH postdoc

Ulcerated: same NIH postdoc here as above. I haven't heard anything new through the grapevine. I received the email from the director on Feb. 27 in which she informed me that offers had been made. That was two weeks ago today. I imagine the dust will be settling here soon if it hasn't already. I would encourage you to simply email her to ask about the status of your application if you feel comfortable doing that, though I know not everyone does. Good luck. It's brutal out there.

Not moving to wherever Utah State University is

Rejection letter from Utah State University.


Any info about York's 'Ethics and AI' job?


On campus invites for Simon Fraser sent out, followed by emails that everything is up in the air due to COVID-19 and that more details are to come. For an eager applicant, this was a horrible thing to hear as the language suggested that it is unclear if there will be interviews at all.


any news on two Oxford (Hertford College, Jesus College) ethics of AI jobs?


anybody hear anything about mount mercy university?


Offers for Notre Dame Center for Philosophy of Religion postdocs on narrative identity have gone out.

Wellesley Postdoc

Skype interview for a two-year postdoc at Wellesley


OU has indefinitely "postponed" it's search re Coronavirus.


More Coronavirus sadness: College of St. Scholastica search came to a grinding stop after flyouts completed.


Hi Anon, which OU are you talking about?


University of Oklahoma


Oxford/Hertford College -- AI ethics-- has sent invitations for "flyouts" (in the time of corona)


Sad to hear about Oklahoma and St Scholastica. The same thing that happened with St Scholastica happened at NYU Shanghai, as well.


I have received similar notices about searches being suspended due to the Coronavirus from Seton Hall, Kent State, and Washington and Jefferson College.


I received a notice from West Virginia that their search has been postponed/suspended

Would have to quarantine on arrival anyways.

Rejection letter from Wellington M&E lecturer search.


Any updates from Wingate (post-second Zoom interview)?


SUNY Oswego email says that they're suspending their search.


Here's a crowdsourced list of universities instituting hiring freezes:


Oxford/Jesus College (AI ethics) has sent out shortlist notifications.

Soon to be unemployed

PFO from Lone Star College (logic)


"PFO from Lone Star College (logic)"

Soon to be unemployed, did you interview with them?

anon ancient

Has anyone heard from University of Central Florida (ancient TT) after first-round Zoom interviews?

Soon to be unemployed

@ LSCcurious, nope, no interview. Just a PFO.

Another Anon Ancient

@ anon ancient My understanding is they are doing Zoom interviews into early April.


anyone hear anything from Mississippi University for Women?

Third anon anc

@ Another Anon Ancient They have already scheduled virtual "on campus" interviews.

Okanaganna get a job.

Rejection from University of British Columbia, Okanagan.

Email from University of Arkansas indicating the position has been filled.

Maybe don't send them on the same day?

Pair of rejection letters from Princeton.

One for the Louis Skolnick Postdoctoral Research Associate, the other for an open rank TT job.

at least a search was completed somewhere

email from Central College that the TT position in Religion/Philosophy has been filled

Why not me?

Colorado State email indicating position was filled.


Does anyone know what happened with Pittsburgh's ancient philosophy job?


York (ethics and AI) has made an offer

anon ancient

@curious, I got a PFO from Pitt (ancient) today


Email from St. Andrews saying the Gifford PD is postponed until Autumn because of COVID-19. (It arrived about 3 hours after their deadline passed, ensuring that everyone who wished to apply had already spent hours tailoring the special application materials required to apply for the job. Apparently, no one at St. Andrews had heard of COVID-19 before this morning.)

anon ancient

It might be a bit soon to ask given that the application deadline was just over two weeks ago, but has anyone heard from University of Northern Iowa (3-year instructor, ancient or ethics)?

another applicant

@anon ancient

I emailed a few jobs this week to ask about their status, given the coronavirus. UNI was among them. They said that they are still working on their search, but that they are delayed from their schedule, because of the shutdowns. So, I wouldn't expect anything in the near future.


@anon ancient: Did Pitt hire someone? I'm curious because the list the Prof Is In is collecting says that Pitt has been even withdrawing offers in light of the pandemic

anon ancient

@curious, the wording in the PFO from Pitt (ancient) is vague: "...we have concluded the pre-interview phase of the search..."; "Your application is not among the very few that are still under consideration...". So interpret that as you will.

@another applicant, thanks!


Any news on Oakland university?

They didn't woffer me the job.

PFO from Wofford teaching fellowship.

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