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anon ancient

Here are a few stray jobs that haven't been reported on (so far as I can tell), and that I'm wondering as to whether anyone has news about:

University of the Ozarks (open), Central College (history, AOC: ancient, medieval, ethics), Xavier University (teaching non-TT). Thanks!


Any news from the Konstanz postdoc?

more anon

anon ancient: Central College is scheduling Skype interviews for early February. I haven't heard anything from University of the Ozarks (and didn't apply for the Xavier job).


Any news from College of the Atlantic, Wingate, Missouri, or CSU Sacramento?

Also, I see that people have gotten interviews and pfos from St. Scholastica, but I've gotten neither of those. Should I assume I was rejected and they just forgot to send the pfo?


Columbia University Presidential Scholars in Society and Neuroscience interviews are being scheduled

AI Guy

Anyone heard about

Harvard’s postdoc for Embedded EthiCS?
Mount Saint Joseph?


Re: University of the Ozarks -- I'm aware of I'm aware of a flyout that's happened there pretty recently.

Also waiting

Philscijobs, I'm in the same boat with St Scholastica. I prefer the more optimistic assumption that we're on their long list...if initial interviews don't work out, maybe we get a call.


I also haven't heard back from St Scholastica. Optimistic me likes to believe that they have cut down to a longlist but not actually scheduled interviews yet.

Edinburgh: any word?

Does anyone know if Edinburgh has made offers? They were going to tell candidates yay or nay last week, but I’ve got radio silence.

still waiting

Widener (non-TT, teaching) is scheduling campus visits.

not an early modernist

Vanderbilt has completed fly-outs for their early modern search, plan to vote later this week on candidates.


Any word on the University of Houston job? It's getting late in the season and there are no updates on the Wiki.

job seeker

Sisyphus: I believe it was reported earlier in the thread that Univ of Houston has scheduled fly outs.


Anyone heard about any of the following?

UT Austin (ethics related to AI)
Cornell (open)

Robert California

In addition to the AI position mentioned by stillhoping, I'm wondering if anyone has news about UC San Diego data ethics

Random Man

St Scholastica has started interviews.

steve philjobs

fly-outs scheduled at Arizona State University.


PFO from Clemson. No mention of number of applicants.

Also disappointed

Hey philscijobs, No one here has posted about CSU Sacramento. Unfortunately, according to the wiki https://academicjobs.wikia.org/wiki/Philosophy_2019-20 it says they quickly went to Skype and are already onto campus visits.


PFO from Dartmouth Neukom postdoc


NIH Bioethics Postdoc has moved straight to flyouts. https://philjobs.org/job/show/13454


PFO Southern Mississippi


PFO from Eindhoven, including some fun language about how I (and everyone else getting the rejection) couldn’t get tenure there. Hah.


Mean-spirited, disrespectful, and insulting pfo from eindhoven...


Now I am intrigued about that Eindhoven email...

NTT Defender

Who was the Eindhoven PFO signed by? You should publicly shame them.


I've never heard of a mean PFO (most that come close are just callous). Could someone please post this?

are you kidding?

Woah, what?! someone needs to share this pfo from Eindhoven.


Is it normal for post-docs to have fly-outs? What's the deal?


I have received the pfo from Eindhoven but it wasn't mean at all


West Texas A&M has requested a skype interview


Here’s the part that sounds bad. I’m sure they didn’t mean it that way, but it definitely sounds like it’s denigrating the candidates ability to get tenure.

“ We have by now selected candidates for our first round of interviews, evaluating ' among other things the fit between the research profile and our mission, and between teaching experience and our needs. In addition, we have evaluated, on the basis of track record and plans, to what extent we may expect candidates to meet the tenure-track criteria of our faculty and university in due time.

On the basis of this extensive evaluation, we have decided not to invite you for an interview.”

Forever waiting

Anyone hear anything from Alden March Bioethics this week?

come on

If you think they're saying you wouldn't meet the tenure criteria just because you got the PFO, you need to go back to reading school. It's not a good PFO, but you could have been rejected for fit, teaching needs, etc.

PFO's a comin'

I could care less how I am told that I did not advance. Perhaps I've gotten so many PFOs and have such low expectations of ever getting a TT that I'm immune, but that doesn't strike me as bad or nasty.

are you kidding?

Yeah, that Eindhoven thing sounds really bad. Writing PFOs should be easy. It takes like two lines: "Thank you for applying, but we have decided not to pursue your candidacy at this time." Anything more than that is likely to either come off as disingenuous (e.g., "your application was very strong, but ..."), or, as in this case, as a clear dig against the candidate. Besides, even if what's said is 100% true, there's no reason to rub a candidate's nose in it.


Any news from Mississippi State after first-round interviews?

Still waiting

Still nothing from Alden March for me, fellow one of three or so anxious bioethicists...


Any news from Florida Gainesville post Skype?


"If you think they're saying you wouldn't meet the tenure criteria just because you got the PFO, you need to go back to reading school. It's not a good PFO, but you could have been rejected for fit, teaching needs, etc."

I suggest you go back to logic class...


Anxious: Not all UFL interviews are conducted yet. I wouldn't expect answers until after next week.

Another Florida

Any news on Florida Atlantic after they requested more material?


Florida Atlantic has scheduled Skype interviews


Does anyone know of a place where people report FT/TT community college interviews/hires? The ones that pop up here are just the few posted to PhilJobs.


Does anyone have any word for the tenure-track job at Worcester State (social/political/ethics)?


Does anyone know whether College of the Holy Cross has scheduled flyouts?


Has anyone heard anything from either UCLA's language/logic/mind postdoc or Princeton's Skolnick postdoc?


PFO from the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics...Fellow-in-Residence program.


Skype invite Stanford Center for Ethics


Stevens scheduling campus visits


Mt. St Joesphs' is setting up first round interviews.


Any news about UC Irvine feminist phil/phil race?


AMBI offer accepted.


NIH bioethics post doc fly out


Worcester State (Ethics/Social & Political/Feminist) is scheduling phone interviews. A couple of months ago someone had posted that Worcester has an inside candidate. Does anyone have insight into that?

purdue university

Any news about New School or Temple postdoc?


Wingate has scheduled brief initial Skype interviews for 16. Weird interview structure: after this they'll do ANOTHER round of Skype interviews, then fly-outs.


Can anyone confirm that Bloomsburg has gone to fly-outs? (I am pretty sure they must have by now, given their stated timeline; but I'd be grateful for confirmation, if anyone has it.)

anon anon anon

anon 12:12: at least one (maybe two?) of the upcoming talks listed on the Irvine website, and two of the past talks, look to be job talks. So I'd guess they are in the middle of fly outs!


A friend got an invitation to interview for a Johns Hopkins post0doc.


Groningen pfo, 182 applicants.


Reluctant, which Groningen position was it?




@Curious 02/02/20: Holy Cross has scheduled flyouts. I know because I was one of them.


Has LSU (ancient) contacted their intended two flyout candidates?


Any news from Mississippi State post skype interviews?


Mississippi State has gone to fly-outs.


pfo from Groningen, theoretical


Any news from Bowling Green after Skype interviews?

Edinburgh: rejection

Official rejection from Edinburgh University.

Alabama postdoc

Has anyone heard anything about the Alabama postdoc? https://philjobs.org/job/show/14010


Has anyone heard from Lone Star College (logic)?

anon ancient

Are there any updates on Loras College after first-round Skype interviews?

Also, just out of curiosity (and with apologies for repeating myself), has anyone heard anything from Xavier University (non-TT teach)? Thanks a bunch in advance for any info.

Lake Forest: Any updates?

The wiki indicates nothing about flyouts to Lake Forest after the APA interviews, and there's been no communication from the committee.

Does anyone have updates?


Any news from U of Florida post-Skype interviews?


Thanks: are you referring to the ethics position at UFL? If so, I haven't done my Skype interview with them yet (it's this Friday).


UFL: Yes, that’s the one. Okay, good to know that no news isn’t yet evidence of bad news. Best of luck!!


Any news on whether the Berlin Human Abilities postdoc (contemporary philosophy) has been offered to anyone yet? (https://philjobs.org/job/show/14350)


@anon: the Berlin Human Abilities postdoc has been offered.


any news on the Austin job in phil of technology?


Random Man

Loras has moved to on-campuses.


Any news about Colorado State's East Asian position?


Has anyone heard anything about the Koç University position?


Koç University scheduled fly outs.
Iona College scheduled Skype interviews.


Any word on:

MIT postdoc?
Lafayette postdoc?
U. Texas Rio Grande Valley?


East coast postdoc

Hi all, has anyone heard of fly-outs for either George Mason TT job (Phil Sci / Moral Psych)? I'm pretty much assuming that they're at that stage, but having some confirmation would be nice.


East coast post doc: I have interviewed for GMU phil sc, and was told that flyouts would have taken place at the end of January, and never heard back from them. I assume that they have already done the flyouts.

East coast postdoc

GMU: that’s what happened to me for the Moral Psych job. My impression at the Skype is that they hadn’t agreed about when folks would fly out. One member implied spring generally and another countered with January. At this point I assume that the six or so folk who were invited across the two jobs just aren’t on the blogs.


Any word on Baruch, CUNY after skype interviews?


Embedded Ethics postdoc at Harvard is scheduling zoom interviews

Anna Nomys

East cost postdoc; I know for certain that all three flyouts for the Moral Psych job have already taken place and that at least the first flyout for PhilSci is scheduled, but hasn't happened yet.


Has anyone heard about the Chapman University job (ancient philosophy) since the SKYPE interviews with them in early January?

Thanks for any updates and good luck to all!


Bryn Mawr pfo, which noted that they’ve made an offer to someone, and that that someone accepted it.


PFO from Univ. of British Columbia (History of Modern Phil)


Someone posted earlier about Oklahoma’s virtue position. Has the search made any progress since the request for additional materials?

Virtue theory at OU

Person: I got the request for additional materials from OU almost a month ago, and I've heard nothing since.


San Diego State (phil science) has completed their search.

Re Baruch

Baruch, CUNY has scheduled campus visits.


ANU has gone to fly-outs

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