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Any word on California State University, East Bay?


Got a PFO from Glasgow

another applicant

PFO from Durham Classics (ancient). Request to check application for completeness and notification of extended deadline from Georgia State Perimeter College.


PFO from Australian Catholic

In solidarity

Help! A friend was trying to apply for this job:


But the department posted the wrong deadline (31st instead of 21st). Their application site is now closed for applications. I'm hoping that if enough of us email to complain to the contact person (ycpersonnel@ucdavis.edu) and the chair (ycpersonnel@ucdavis.edu) they will extend the deadline.


Acknowledgement of applications: West Texas A&M

First round interview: Florida Gateway College


PFO from the University of life


PFO University of York.


Northeastern has requested letters of recommendation. I do not know if this is automatic or it actually means something, but it has happened almost a week after the deadline, while usually letters are requested the moment you apply. Does someone (who has applied) have not received requests on this?


Arizona cancelled their open search.


Any word from Marquette?


Anyone heard from either Edinburgh or Durham (the philosophy department position)?


No news from Edinburgh yet, but given that it was open AOS and they are hiring several philosophers (4? 5?), and interviews will be in January, I guess it will take a little bit more time than usual for them to narrow down the candidates pool


Yes, Marquette is scheduling Skype interviews already.


Any news about the Franklin and Marshall "Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind" job?


Any word on California State University, East Bay?


Any news on UC Davis?


PFO from Lisbon (ancient)


Scranton is doing first round interviews.


Shitty, fully unempathetic email from CSU East Bay: "At this point, we have scheduled phone interviews with a "long-list" of candidates, and we hope to have these interviews completed by the end of the month. For a great many of you, this news will come as a disappointment, and I empathize, knowing full well how difficult the job hunt is. Not wishing to offer a false sense of hope, I must mention that the fact that we are conducting phone interviews does not necessarily mean that you are no longer under consideration; there remains the slim possibility that we might conduct further phone interviews, depending on the outcome of those currently underway." What is the point of this nonsense except clearing their own conscience? The falseness and hypocrisy in academia is reaching ludicrous limits

Marcus Arvan

Pablo: I’m a bit flabbergasted by your comment. That seems to me to be about the nicest and most forthright email I have ever seen from a search chair. Also, what they are saying in the email is true. Sometimes search committees interview a batch of people or even hold flyouts and decide that none of the people they interviewed are suitable for the position. In that case, search committees can and will go back to the candidate pool and interview more people.


PFO from Oxford Global Priorities post-doc


Agreed with Marcus--the East Bay email was one of the nicer ones I've received.


Pablo: What part of that email do you think is "false" or an example of "hypocrisy"? It sounded to me like a completely honest email and better than a lot of them I've seen. If you are annoyed about them mentioning there is some possibility of further interviews, well, (1) though the odds are slim there usually is some such possibility, and (2) often saying this is a requirement of university bureaucracies. People often complain because they get no PFO, and they get no PFO because departments can't claim that candidates are out of the running until a hire is made or something of that sort. It seems East Bay went out of there way to keep candidates informed on the process.

In any case, I'm curious about what type of message you would find appropriate...

Some postdoc

Oxford Global Priorities Institute is scheduling first round "video questionnaire's" for the postdoc position.


Some Dude: did you get a Skype request or do you just know they are in the process of scheduling them?

Some postdoc

Anon10030: I got an invitation.


anyone yet hear from Chicago?


Anon10030: I didn't apply. But I know someone who has an interview scheduled for this week. She found out about a week and a half ago.

forever postdoc

Le Moyne College scheduling Skype interviews.


Website for the Baylor bioethics postdoc lists it as 'position filled'.
Anyone hear from Alabama?


Agreed that the East Bay e-mail was entirely appropriate and helpful. No complaints here. Praise if anything


Channel Islands is doing video interviews starting this week


I am aware of someone who got a first round interview skype interview at Bryn Mawr


Memphis scheduling


Vapping: I haven't heard anything from or about Alabama, but was also wondering about it.


Toronto (Philosophy & Statistics) has requested more material


University of Utah requested additional material from me about 10 days ago.


anon: which position at Utah?


University of Nebraska Omaha is scheduling interviews


Anon: Which UN-O job? There was the bioethics one and the AI one.


Utah requested additional material from me (different poster) for the Practical Reasoning post some time ago (more than 10 days).


Which Omaha position, Anon?


Omaha Ethics or AI? (Or both?)


Manhattanville College is scheduling skype interviews


Sorry, it is the AI position


Georgia State sent me a PFO for the Lecturer / Coordinator of Graduate Teaching job.

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