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PFO from Carnegie Mellon


pfo from Carnegie Mellon for philosophy of cogsci. it says they received "145 outstanding applications."


TheBigLeagues: if this year is like previous ones, I am under the impression Princeton will not have interviews. They decide based solely on the application. Others please correct me if I’m wrong


Any news on Florida or Oberlin (Ethics)?


Waitingame: Oberlin has sent out invitations for skype interviews.


Has anyone heard from Wayne Stat, San Jose State or CMU (logic)?


Any news on Florida State?

FSU update

@Anon1 -- a week or so ago I got an email from the search chair at Florida State asking for my letters of recommendation to be re-sent. No word since then.


Thanks FSU update. May I ask why? Was there a problem?

A Non-Mouse

Berlin, Human Abilities, post-doc - interviews arranged.


Hanover-bielefeld (5 years phil sc) scheduling skype interviews

FSU update

@Anon1 - yeah, they said there was some problem that affected more than just a few people.

FWIW, I just got an email from U of Houston asking for letters for the same reason.


Florida State has been contacting shortlisted candidates to request additional writing samples.


I don't normally ask, but it's the last one on my list. Anyone heard from McMaster?


The new wiki says that Caltech scheduled flyouts on 12/21. Does anyone know if this is actually the case?

another Canadian

Do not give up yet. I applied to jobs in Canada my first year on the market - I was still ABD, but defended in the Spring of that year. I was passed over for a TT job - someone who had been on the market 7 years post-PhD got it. But then July 1, after I had defended my PhD, I got a call for a sessional appointment (like a VIP). It was the beginning of my career.


Any news on the Florida Atlantic and Cork jobs? Thanks.


Yes, I can confirm that Caltech is issuing campus visit invites


Has anyone heard back from Northeastern (AI ethics), Texas San Antonio (AI), or Pittsburgh (Ethics) after first-round interviews?


Waiting: UTSA told me they would notify people about on-campus interviews "by early January."

Random person

Northeastern has selected candidates for campus visits.

Simon Fraser: Flyouts

Simon Fraser University has scheduled flyouts, direct from applications (no interview stage).


Anyone have any news on U Florida (ethics)?
Thanks, and happy holidays, and good luck.


Any news from Michigan State or Nebraska Omaha (ethics, health, medicine)?

On the Market

@T: Someone posted on the previous page about Nebraska Omaha Ethics skype requests.


PFO from Wash U St. Louis mentioning they had 750 applicants


I, too, got the (almost) pfo from Wash U St. Luois. But in the one I got, it did not say I was no longer considered. So, is this a thing now? Send the pfo but really do not state clearly that you are no longer considered... It is clear that I am not a finalist, to use their term, but does this also mean that I may be considered at some point down the line? If not, i.e. I will no longer considered at all, why not just say it clearly?...


@Reluctant: it is very unlikely you'll be considered down the line, but possible. Whereas, an outright PFO means that it's not possible to be considered down the line.


Reluctant -- I found Wash U's PFO (or quasi PFO) to be pretty weird. I didn't get a flyout there, so I assume this PFO was send to everyone. It says they've scheduled finalists for on-campus visits, and immediately after that, it says that the search remains open until filled, and then that they'll update us. Uh, but if we're not finalists (and esp. if we're not even first rounders), why not just say "we've moved on, sorry, good luck"? Also, how open is the search, if they've already got finalists? I guess 'open' in the minimal sense that there's some chance they won't hire any of the finalists. But in that case, they'd likely just fall back to the short list of candidates who got first round interviews but didn't get flyouts. Anyway, unhelpful PFO. Perhaps simply written in haste.


Duke has scheduled flyouts


@Reluctant: In many cases, the wording of status updates is constrained by HR policies and institutional and/or state regulations (for public institutions). Some places require justification for fully eliminating candidates. Other places have fewer regulations and allow SCs to send clearer updates. The clarity of wording is likely a function of the regulations that the SC has to deal with.

So, yeah, in theory you have not been eliminated. In practice, it's probably a PFO.


FWIW my PFO from Wash U mentioned that I made it to the short list from which the finalists were selected


Flyout scheduled at UConn ancient. Fwiw I was never contacted for a Skype interview.


anyone heard if GMU (phil sc) has notified campus visits?


I had a Skype somewhere who told me they would contact me either away about a fly out by a certain date. That date is now long past. Should I assume the worst or is it appropriate to follow up?


Reluctant here.
Thank you... Then, the one I got really was a pfo, albeit a very cowardly and dishonest one...


Skype interview for Syracuse (metaphysics job).


Any news on UC Davis fly outs?


propriety: follow up if you want to but I would assume the worst. Sorry, but in this situation the odds are no in your favor. Often when I had a skype interview and was eliminated for the campus visit I never heard back. That said, tehre is nothing wrong with following up if you don't mind reading the rejection response email.


One of my student's showed me the Washington Saint Louis PFO. It is their first year on the market, and they were confused too. But it is a PFO, for sure. I suspect it has to do with HR regulations. At our university, for *every single* applicate, we have to write down a reason for why they weren't hired, and that reason has to be related to criteria in the job add. So if wash SL has something similar, and if they have 750 applicants, it could take a while for them to get through all of that. Until they get through it then everyone is technically a candidate

I actually liked the PFO. It was to the point unlike a lot of the fluff in other pfos. .


Who: UC Davis flyouts have been scheduled.


Any news on Villanova flyouts?


Skype invitation at Wayne State (https://philjobs.org/job/show/13922)

anon applicant

Fly-out for NUS (Singapore) Open job (https://philjobs.org/job/show/13758)


UC-Louvain (history of philosopy -- 17th century): PFO.

GMU again

Any news on George Mason (phil sc) flyouts?


has anyone heard from Duke (M&E), Princeton (open) or Cornell (open) flyouts?


I haven't, anon, but does that mean you have already heard about first round interviews from those three places? (I don't believe anyone has mentioned Princeton or Cornell on here.)


NYU Bersoff made an offer.

yet another anon

Hi anon--see anon above re: Duke:

Duke has scheduled flyouts

Posted by: anon | 12/27/2019 at 12:05 PM


-anon2: sorry, I didn’t mean to imply (I knew that) Cornell or Princeton had interviews already conducted interviews. AFAIK Duke had interviews in mid-December and I haven’t heard anything about Cornell or Princeton.


PFO from Marymount Manhattan (Ferraro Fellowship). The most succinct PFO I've received: it just said "That position has now been filled."

Wish they'd said more about number of applicants, etc.


NYU Shanghai Skype invitation.


Nebraska (AI position) is scheduling flyouts. Nice pfo (not being sarcastic, it is very nice)


University of Nebraska Omaha has gone to fly outs.

Young Logician

Has there been any news from Carnegie Mellon’s Mathematical Logic job?


Flyout Wayne State


Toronto Phil/Stats contacted "short longlist" for 2nd writing samples, then sent PFO.


Any news on Florida or Mich-Dearborn (ethics)? Thanks.


Flyout invitation UWash race/law (https://philjobs.org/job/show/14182


Any news on flyout for UWash phil bio?

Uber Mercado

Is there any word regarding the Temple postdoc/job?


Any news on LSU ancient?


Phone interview requests for Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo tech ethics position


I'm still in the dark about UBC (modern), Weber State (ancient or modern), West Texas A&M (modern), Central College (history), SUNY Oswego (history). Did I miss mentions of any of these? Thanks, everyone, and good luck.



The wiki has a post saying the UBC modern job went to campus invites already. There's nothing on there about the other places:


Has anyone heard from UT San Antonio about on-campus interviews yet?


Oops, I see that UBC (modern) has scheduled fly-outs, so no need to reply about that, though the rest still stand as unknowns. Thanks again.

Random Man

A friend of mine tells me that Boston College has started scheduling first round interviews.


Florida State has contacted finalists to schedule flyouts.


If anyone has any information on any of the UCSB jobs, and if so, could update the wiki accordingly, that would be great. Thanks!


TTTrying: It says earlier in this thread, and used to say on the wiki, that UCSB has scheduled Skype interviews (for both open and assistant). I think somebody accidentally removed it.


Has anyone received a pfo from Northeastern after doing their phone interview? Someone said that they have scheduled flyouts, but I am surprised that they didn't even notified me that I didn't advance after the phone interview.

To Northeast

Northeast: I have done a few skype interviews this season, and only some notified me with a pfo. I remember a member of a committee telling me "we will not notify those who are not invited to campus, because anything can happen"

Robert California

Any news on UC San Diego, data ethics?

Pterodactyl Man

PFO from Nebraska--Lincoln (ethics)


Weber State has scheduled skype interviews


Lots of places don't send pfos after skype. And believe it or not, lots don't let you know after a flyout.


Invitation for on campus interviews at Le Moyne College for the McNeil Assistant Professor of Applied Ethics.


Anyone hear anything from Hawaii or LSU?


Has anyone heard from U of Florida (Ethics)? Thanks.

Pfo ecipient

Pfos sent from usc. Says they’ve moved to flyouts.


Flyouts have been scheduled by Cal Poly for the Metaphysics job (https://philjobs.org/job/show/13330).


University of Oklahoma (virtue ethics) sent notifications to shortlisted candidates asking for additional materials.


UT Austin has scheduled flyouts for its open junior job


Notheast, sorry to say, but I have it from a good source that Northeastern has in fact moved to fly-outs.

anon ancient

Hawaii (ancient) is scheduling first-round Skype interviews


ETSU (ancient) scheduling flyouts.


Queen's (philosophy of AI) is scheduling Skype interviews.


Secondhand knowledge that Central Michigan University (Early Modern) has started scheduling on campus interviews.

anon ancient

Widener (teaching job) is doing phone interviews


PFO from Loyola Chicago (Social/Political)


blippyblop - when said person made aware of this?


Syracuse (metaphysics) has invited candidates for flyouts.


Any word on the following postdocs?
MIT (Stalnaker)
Princeton (Skolnik)
UCLA (Logic, language, mind)


I think the Princeton postdoc is long gone (according to their own webpage)


Postdoc: are you referring to this: https://philosophy.princeton.edu/content/louis-skolnick-postdoctoral-research-associate-announced ?

It's an announcement for the 2019-2020 postdoc, not for the one that was advertised this fall. I wasn't able to find anything about the 2020-2021 postdoc anywhere else...


Oh I see. Yes I was thinking about that one, thanks for clarifying :)


Has anyone heard back from Baruch college, CUNY after their Skype interview?


Columbia pfo.


PFO (on Jan 13) for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Phil Computing/Ethics)
PFO (on Jan 15) for Dartmouth Mellon Postdoc

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