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Hey has anyone been able to confirm which of the Villanova jobs have schedule FRI? Was it just the critical theory or also ancient?


Pfo from Maryland College Park philsci, no info on number of applicants.


Clinical Assistant Professor position in PPE at the University at Buffalo has scheduled interviews.


Georgia State (Metaphysics and Epistemology) is moving to campus visits.

anon ancient (#1)

@Confuzzles, I’m pretty certain that no one has reported news on Villanova (ancient), only Villanova (crit theory/German)

@ireaddeadpeople, sure thing, and thanks, it’s a deal! :)


Any news about Carnegie Mellon (Logic)?


Any news about Asian/non-Canonical searches at Colorado State, Simon Fraser, York, or Toronto?

Edinburgh to flyouts

Edinburgh (Lecturer/Senior Lecturer) has begun to schedule on-campus interviews.

Another another anon

Anontoo: Any chance you can tell us how you heard about the GSU going to flyouts?


Does anyone know if Loyola Marymount (continental) have made their decision on flyouts?


Villanova (ancient) is scheduling skype interviews.


U of Utah (practical reasoning TT) has gone straight to fly outs, and sent out invitations.

Random Man

Loyola Marymount has contacted fly out candidates.

Anon anon

Any info on Syracuse metaphysics?


Any news on Notre Dame?


In the job-market reporting thread, someone suggested that Georgia State had already moved on to flyouts--they made this post just one day after GSU completed their skype interviews (which took place on 12/11 & 12/13). Is this a common timeframe, i.e. do departments usually take only 24 hours to reflect on online interviews before deciding who to bring in for the on-campus round?


Hi - any news on UCSB (ethics) or Baruch (open)? Thank you!


@PhilMindAnon, every department is different. I did interviews in the past two weeks. Some search committees told me that they will make a decision within a week, but of them said they will make their decision about next round in January.

Dreaming of LA

Any news on USC?


^same question as PhilMindAnon. I have also not yet heard that I have *not* gotten a fly out, following my GSU interview, but probably that is more normal.

Marcus Arvan

PhilMindAnon: my sense is that there is a lot of variation, but that it is not at all uncommon or strange for a committee to take just a day or two to decide who to invite to campus after first-round interviews. Some committees want to move very quickly, and if there is a general consensus on which candidates the committee likes the most, it can very well take only one meeting to discuss and vote on who to invite to campus.

Pterodactyl Man

Nice PFO from Syracuse (ethics)


I applied to Syracuse (ethics). And I've neither received a PFO nor an invitation to interview. Given the updated from Pterodactyl Man, I'm curious if it's common for departments to send out PFOs before scheduling interviews.


anon: I'm in the same position as you. I haven't been contacted by Syracuse either way: no PFO, no interview request.

This seems unusual, though. My understanding is that PFOs almost always come *after* interview requests are made. And it would be weird to divvy up PFOs into different groups. I'm not sure what's going on here!


VAP & Anon,

Sometimes PFOs go out to those who have not made the long list. Then a second round goes out after they are sure they won't interview anyone else on the long list.


I also got the PFO from Syracuse, and it said it went out to their long list of 40-ish applicants who did not make it to the short list for interviews.


Carnegie Mellon (Phil Cog Sci) has begun to schedule on-campus interviews.

Bertrand Russell

Has anyone heard from Chapman University (ancient philosophy)? Thanks and good luck to all.


Has anyone heard from McMaster (Fem Phil)?


I too have heard nothing from Syracuse, good or bad . . .

no news from syracuse

I also haven't heard anything from Syracuse. Has anyone heard anything positive from them?

Regardless, while UK institutions often send rejections as they get decided, opening space for 'no news being good news,' my impression is that this is not common (if it happens at all) at US institutions. My hunch is that some have been invited for interviews from Syracuse and have simply not posted about it here. The rest of us with no news will probably get our PFO soon enough. Bureaucracy works in mysterious ways.

anon ancient (#1)

@Bertrand Russell, Chapman (ancient) scheduled Skype interviews about two weeks ago.


So far I applied for 19 positions, no skype requests, only one pfo. Maybe there is a "longer" list of people that must have been deemed so undesirable by the search committee that they won't even deserve the pfo...


Just got the PFO from Syracuse a few minutes ago. So that clears that up.

Hope there's better news for the others who are waiting.


PFO Syracuse

Gob Bluth

Just to be sure: that’s the Ethics job at Syracuse right?

William and Mary: flyouts

William and Mary (open AOS, disjunctive "non-western" AOC) is scheduling flyouts.


I didn't even apply to Syracuse and got a PFO. It seems to be spreading rapidly through the pool.


Any news about U Washington (Phil sci)?

Super Mercado

Does any have news about the following?

The New School job?

The Temple phil race job/post doc?

The UC, Irvine race job?


The New School job has contacted first round interviewees. Don't know about the others, but I'm also waiting to hear.


UC Irvine has gone straight to flyouts.

response to Anon

UW Seattle (phil bio / data) has scheduled Skype interviews


A reminder to post your updates at the wiki here: https://academicjobs.wikia.org/wiki/Philosophy_2019-20


Any news on UC Santa Barbara (ethics), Notre Dame (ethics) or Baruch college CUNY (open)?


University of Illinois at Chicago (ancient) went straight to flyouts.

Another modern philosopher

Central Michigan has conducted Skype interviews as of last week.

Also, apparently, people who do modern philosophy are shit when it comes to updating this. Smack your history of modern philosophy friends, please.


Wondering: I have good second hand knowledge that UC Santa Barbara has sent out requests for skype interviews


Another modern philosopher, there was a post announcing that Central Michigan starting scheduling first-round interviews back in late November. You have to go back a couple of pages of comments, though. Maybe it's worth taking a moment before throwing verbal stones at your fellow job marketeers? We're all stressed out, I know!


Columbia (open) has conducted Skype interviews.


Any news on the philosophy of race job at Virginia Tech?


UCSB has started scheduling video interviews


PFO Saskatchewan (Social/Political)


Any news on Toronto (philosophy & statistics)?


Anon, is that for both UCSB positions?


Appliedforboth: yes


mit has gone to fly outs.


Bucknell has gone to campus visits


Clemson has scheduled Skype interviews for January.


UC Berkeley (epistemology, phil sci, ancient, social/political) is scheduling flyouts


MIT has gone to flyouts for this (https://philjobs.org/job/show/14510) position, which lists Jan 6 as the date they will begin to review files? As far as I can tell that's their only active search.


Pomona College PFO


@James MIT also had an open position this year


MIT had an open area TT, an open area open-rank, and an open area Stalnaker postdoc. It sounds like they’ve scheduled flyouts for the first two, but has anyone heard anything about the postdoc?

abductive reasoner

I highly doubt that MIT has gone to fly outs for the TT (due Jan 6). The posts above must have been concerning the open rank/open area.


Pfo from Bucknell, more than 380 applications...


East Tennessee State U (ancient) scheduling phone interviews.


@abductive reasoner I meant this one: https://philjobs.org/job/show/13206

It was posted at the same time as the open/open (https://philjobs.org/job/show/13202) and the postdoc (https://philjobs.org/job/show/13198) and all three had the same deadline (November 16). It's not clear to me which of these three has gone to fly-outs; do they even do fly-outs for postdocs?


Skype at Virginia Tech (Philosophy of Race)


PFO from Dallas (medieval)


Skype at Union College: early modern, assistant prof, TT.


Any news on Florida state?


Has anyone heard from Oberlin (Ethics)?


Anyone have updates on any of the following post-docs?

-Princeton Skolnick
-Princeton UCHV
-Harvard Mahindra Center


Skype interview at Baruch College, CUNY (open)


any news from notre dame (ethics/political)? I recall it being a pretty early deadline


Coe College has sent invites for first round interviews.

Still Dreaming of LA

Do universities make interview requests over breaks? E.g., since USC went on break yesterday, should I assume we won’t hear from them until after the next term begins in January?


antinomy: Do you mean the Union College M &E job? https://philjobs.org/job/show/13934

another anon

@anon ND has sent out campus visit invites

Got a request on the holiday

Still Dreaming: No, you cannot assume this. I definitely received at least one interview request over the break last year.


@Still Dreaming of LA: Totally depends on the search committee and if/where people are traveling. I've worked in departments were we had committee meetings on January 2 or 3 just to get stuff out of the way.

I also know someone who got an interview request on Christmas eve back when interviews were at the Eastern APA. Anything is possible.


SFSU (applied ethics) has gone to flyouts


pfo Sheffield (Phil sc)


University of Sheffield PFO.


Ryerson (ancient) has moved to campus visits.


@Anotheranotheranon: no, I do not mean the M&E job. I mean the Early Modern job. Union College have two searches this year, one for early modern and one for M&E. For some reason, the ad for the early modern is not on philjobs any longer.


@ Anotheranotheranon: Union, Early Modern: https://philjobs.org/job/show/13938


PFO from Edinburgh


North Carolina Wilmington (ethics) has moved to flyouts

Pterodactyl Man

UNC-Wilmington (ethics) has scheduled fly outs (and I didn’t get one and the market is crushing my soul).


Hey, Pterodactyl Man: if it's any consolation, at least you're getting interviews. I'm sitting here worried that there's some systematically goofy/off-putting/massively poorly worded sentence or part of my documents that is getting me summarily tossed in the recycling bin. At least you have some confirmation your candidacy is appealing to search committees.


University of South Carolina is scheduling flyouts (pfo after interview)


Nebraska-Omaha (both ethics and AI) have scheduled Skype interviews.


@VAP - I’ve definitely been there. But - of course - all that follows from not getting shortlisted is that one is approximately 15th or lower in their ranking of 300ish applicants, which is consistent with their not having any significant reservations about one’s dossier, and indeed being genuinely impressed with it.

For Vapping

Vapping: are you sure it is also the AI position? I've interviewed for that almost a month ago


Now might be a good time to ask if anyone has any unreported news on Hawaii (ancient), Weber State (history), SUNY Oswego (history), or LSU (ancient). Thanks.


I believe that Oberlin (ethics) is now scheduling Skype interviews


Anyone heard anything about any of the following:

USC (political)
NYU (ethics)
Cornell (open)
Princeton (open)
UT Austin (ethics/open)


NYU (ethics) has sent out invites for campus visits.

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