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Assoc Prof

I am thinking that in some cases, a dissertation abstract can be evidence for an AOS or AOC. For example, if a dissertation has 1 or 2 chapters in a subfield that is not evident from the title, that could be good to indicate somewhere.

This could also be a reason to remove the dissertation abstract after a few years. If that is a true AOS or AOC, then hopefully a person will have presentations or publications in the area by that time.


Thank you for promoting this question.

Assoc Prof’s point seems like a good one and makes me think that if one doesn’t have publications to back up an AOS this might be a good way to support the AOS claim on the CV itself. Maybe having a publication and some presentations would be sufficient for leaving this off in that case.


I agree with Marcus. The dissertation abstract adds nothing to a c.v. It is a reminder that the person sees themself as a student (or very recent-student). If you want to say you are qualified for an AOS or AOC then say it in the application letter. For example: "I address issues in philosophy of mind in two chapters in my dissertation ..."

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