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Marcus Arvan

I’m really looking forward to this series! The issues you and Thi mention are ones I’ve struggled with a lot as a mid-career academic, and suspect others have as well.

A Philosopher

I'm not mid-career, but these remarks struck me as deeply insightful. So, I think the series is off to a good start!

Martin Lenz

Great post, Helen! - I always thought that trying to practise solidarity is vital. But it's tricky: it's not much encouraged and the institutional structures often foster competition, too. - I guess one thing that might help with fostering solidarity is to reward good teaching more than has been done. It is what we do a lot, it would benefit students, and it is not something academics are trained to compete over. - A newish practice in our faculty is to run a "teaching meeting" every 3-4 months. While I believe that they do improve our teaching and collaboration more generally, a nice side effect of these meetings is that we get used to seeing each other as needing each other's support and advice.

Helen De Cruz

Martin Lenz: I like that idea - we get so socialized into thinking it's all zero-sum and we need to compete and excel that this sort of interdependence doesn't get much airtime.

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