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I am just curious if others have noticed what I have, and that is less and less places are asking for research statements. I think my last year on the market it was maybe 1/2. My thought would be if you are applying to a school that does not require a research statement, then you should say more about research in your cover letter.

another postdoc

I don't think I've noticed that trend, Amanda, but it might depend on the type of jobs. The strategy you recommend is something I followed, to some effect. I had different 'research paragraphs' for my cover letter template depending on type of school but also whether the application had a research statement or not (same for my teaching paragraphs). Without the statement I had more detail; with the statement I had less detail but also explicit pointers to the statement about details I filled out there.

Just wanted to say that, last year especially, I took the advice of this Job Market Bootcamp series extremely seriously, especially regarding constructing materials for the applications, and it seems that the advice certainly helped me (at least by eliminating some common errors, but I think more as well, by getting clear on what the purpose of the materials and my goals in writing them). It was advice I wasn't really getting elsewhere, and I got more interviews and eventually a dream TT job this year, so I encourage job marketeers to use the bootcamp well!


Congrats on the job, postdoc! Dream jobs in philosophy are amazing!

Marcus Arvan

Another postdoc: that’s so awesome to hear - congratulations!!


May I ask, when will the Job Market Bootcamp start up?


Just to chime in on Amanda's point: last year I applied to around 80 jobs, and I'd say that only around 5-10 asked for a separate research statement.


Something I’ve found difficult is to write a concise statement that still provides enough background and detail. I’ve learned here that shorter is better, but this meant not elaborating much on papers and projects. It’s even worse when a statement is not required and all you get to write is a research paragraph or two in the cover letter. Remember that SCs have very little time to dedicate to each application. This year on a SC I was struck how much detail some candidates give. Sure that’s much more meaningful than the sort of statements I wrote but needless to say I wasn’t able to read them all fully, sadly.

another postdoc

Thanks, Amanda and Marcus!

JobMarketeer, all I meant was the ongoing series of numbered posts labeled as the Bootcamp. Although the Cocoon also has the mentoring thing going on, if that's what you're asking about.

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