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Benedict Eastaugh

There are a number of open logic textbooks, now mostly under the umbrella of the Open Logic Project.


These include the main Open Logic texbook itself, which is a set of different modules that can be remixed to make many different logic textbooks (it contains material on propositional and predicate logic, second-order logic, incompleteness, model theory, computability, modal logic, and more), all more or less at an advanced undergraduate level.

There is also forall x, an introductory open logic textbook which has been used for a number of courses (in Calgary and Cambridge, amongst others).



Hi Marcus. Is there a reason you assign a philosophy of law textbook rather than simply posting individuals articles for your students?

Marcus Arvan

Hi E: There are several reasons. One is that my students find philosophy of law readings particularly tough, and they find chapter introductions (e.g. by textbook editors) helpful in figuring out the readings themselves. Another is that I require my students to bring daily readings to class, and I've found that they tend to simply forget to bring them when I assign standalone articles.

If there were an Open Ed Reader in Philosophy of Law that had the coverage I'm looking for (I break my Phil Law course into three parts: the nature of law, what laws morally should be, and the philosophy of legal procedures), then that would be amazing. But, having searched around quite a bit, there only appear to be a few Phil Law textbooks organized in this fashion--and the only affordable one I've been able to find (Schauer & Sinnott-Armstrong) is several decades old now.


Hi all,
I requested this thread and Marcus has helpfully obliged (Thanks Marcus). I will contribute what I have found:


There's a logic text and a ethics text. I am considering adopting the ethics text and supplementing it. The ethics text is editable, which is pretty nice. So I would edit it and have our print shop run off cheap copies for students to buy. There do appear to be a good number of OER logic textbooks. I have been hoping to find a good text for intro to phil. Like Marcus, I like for my students to have a physical textbook to class that contains most of the readings, as I like to do a good deal of close reading and textual analysis in class.

I think this UMN collection is good also, but it doesn't have what I am looking for in terms of an introductory reader. https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/subjects/philosophy

Maybe I need to make one!

Prabhpal Singh


There are a couple of open access Intro texts available for download at https://www.ngefarpress.com/?m=1

Have a look, and do share them with colleagues if you find them useful. Full disclosure, I am a contributor to the Intro to Ethics text.

Graham Leach-Krouse

Also in the spirit of the open logic project: https://carnap.io contains a creative-commons logic textbook (intro level) with automatically graded interactive exercises. The site also lets you create interactive and automatically grade exercises using the formal systems of quite a few different logic textbooks, including the above mentioned forall x variants.

(full disclosure: I'm the maintainer of that site)

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