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trying to deal with it all

Hey Sketchburger, check out Max Weber:

“It is horrible to think that the world could one day be filled with nothing but those little cogs, little men clinging to little jobs and striving towards bigger ones... This passion for bureaucracy ... is enough to drive one to despair. ... the great question is, therefore,.... what can we oppose to this machinery in order to keep a portion of mankind free from this parcelling-out of the soul, from this supreme mastery of the bureaucratic way of life.”

Colleges and universities may be among the worst offenders still today....

another postdoc

Marcus, this looks like a very interesting panel. Do you know if the survey results are available somewhere for those of us who can't attend the panel?

Marcus Arvan

another postdoc: I don't think the survey results are currently available anyway, but I'm looking into whether it's possible to share them here!

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