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If I was doing this, I would do a screen share so the interviewers saw the powerpoint on the screen. The supposed downside would be they couldn't see me. But I think this is actually an upside. It would make me less nervous, for one. And second, the way most cameras work people often look strange on the computer screen. I imagine this would be even more true if one was teaching.

I think it would also be possible to do an entire class in 15 min. That is because I do so much group work. So I would do something like explain the group work and then tell the "audience" "So let us suppose the students spent 10 minutes doing this activity..."


Hi K.A.

I would second Amanda's comment here. I've done one of these demos (and I got a job offer based on the interview). I opted for a short and tidy demo lecture explaining the relevant argument, and then a few objections. I used the screen share in Skype. I could not see the search committee during the talk, but I planned to stop about halfway through and briefly check that they could hear me (yes!) It was a bit weird. But, when aren't teaching demos a bit weird?

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