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I did something like this once. I didn't get a pfo, but instead got a "that's great, we're happy for you!" in response. That seemed clear enough.

SLAC Associate

Marcus's advice is exactly right here. A simple e-mail to the chair of Y's search saying, "I'm very interested in the position at Y, but I need to make a decision within the next two weeks about an offer at another institution," will give Y's committee everything they need to know. If you're near the top of Y's list, they'll respond to that kind of message as promptly as they can. If they don't respond promptly -- or don't respond at all -- then that tells you what you need to know.

A Philosopher

Anything more than Marcus' suggested response feels like a futile game of trying to guess the idiosyncratic reactions of search committee members. Also, if they said a month, it seems reasonable to assume they are still interviewing people. So, unless you are clearly their top candidate by a wide margin, it's hard to see them moving things along. I doubt a search committee would cancel an interview on someone.


Is asking X for more time not an option? I know of some people who have taken more than 2 weeks to decide on an offer, and I think they got that timeline through negotiating.


Certainly for tt jobs, it is not at all unheard of to ask X for more time & be granted it, but the greater the amount of time, the lower the odds of it being granted, of course.

anon pd

slowing down the other search is much easier than speeding up the other search in my experience


I would follow Marcus's advice. I do think for a visiting position in which they are still interviewing people it is not good odds they will give you an offer. But no harm in trying.

Personally I think asking the place who gave you an offer for more time comes with risks. It's a buyers market, they certainly don't need you, and by asking for more time you are communicating you really aren't sure about things. Anyway, whenever I've asked this I was denied. And that comes with a cost, as things can be more awkward between you and the institution.

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