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return of moose

Thanks a lot for answering my question! This approach sounds good to me--and is pretty much what I actually covered in the interview that prompted my question. (As it happens, I got invited on campus, so maybe it wasn't so bad.) I still worry about running short, which it seems like that interview did, since I can be pretty concise. It's also good to know that this is what "assessment" usually means. I've had other interviewers ask about curricular assessment, which threw me.

Trevor Hedberg

One complication to these structured interviews is that you can be asked questions that seem pretty far out of left field. In every interview of this type I've had, there have always been 1-2 questions that I have never been asked before and that don't turn up on the typical "common interview question" lists. It can be hard to prep for those situations. There have also been several where there are technical problems with the connection, which has affected how the interview proceeds and how I have to moderate the time I take to answer questions. (In each case, it was something on the hiring committees side that was amiss.) That's also pretty hard to prep for.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Trevor: That's something I've run into as well, as an interviewee. It's one of the (many) reasons I don't like interviews! If you get questions you didn't prepare for and all of a sudden you're put on the spot, you might not give the best answer--one that's not reflective of how you actually think about the issue, if only you had a bit more time (and a bit less pressure!) to think about it.

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