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Ana Galić

Working on anything without getting paid is volunteering of course and since I am BA in Philosophy and Sociology, but with main focus on Philosoophy I do everything for free - lecturing about Aristotel, writing and translating texts - mine and from famous authors - and now I am a owner and president od Association Sofia - also free and prepared for publishing philosophical works. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka Town.

Carré rouge

During the Quebec student strike, I was in dissertation mode, and could not do as much as I wish. So the next year, I volunteered on the legal comity of the ASSÉ (national-level student union). Traditionally, it has been filled with law students, but we were a more diverse crew. We had over 3000 arrested people on our hands, and we went with a participative approach which felt natural from our perspective that was informed by social epistemology, feminist theory and anarchism. It was amazing. When offered the option, most people chose to contest, and they formed defense groups. Only a fraction got their charges sustained.

Philosophy was huge both for the organization and to approaching law (which uses similar methods), but it was essential in tying what we were doing with the student struggle. We had fantastic discussions, some of which led to conferences.

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