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Marcus -

I thought Nous (and maybe also therefore PPR) already engaged in this "two tiered" system of review. They send the paper out initially and ask referees for a simple thumb's up or down - should this paper be refereed? It is supposed to be turned around in something like a week, at least the last time I was asked to do this for them. Then if it gets a yes at this stage it gets send to referees for a more complete review.

Maybe they stopped doing this? I can't tell from their website. But for a while, at least, they had something like this two tiered system.

I guess one difference between Nous and your suggestion is that you distinguish it as "junior" vs. 'senior' reviewers.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Chris: Interesting, I hadn't heard that about Nous and PPR before. It would be great to know! Can anyone confirm whether that's the case? If they do use the practice, it would also be good to hear a bit more about how it works.

Random job market person.

My experience with Nous and PPR has always been that, for desk rejections (i.e. rejections without comments), they tend to reliably arrive around 2.5-3 months after submission. When I have received comments on submissions it has actually taken less time than this (maybe I have just been lucky in that respect). But that leads me to be skeptical about the hypothesis that their two tiered system allows them to get verdicts to authors quicker. Perhaps they decide on desk rejections quickly but put off notifying authors so they don’t immediately submit something else? This might make sense given the limited time window within which you can submit to Nous and PPR. Or perhaps my experience is non-standard.

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