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elisa freschi

Many thanks for sharing this experience. I will certainly try it out next January (and comment again with the results).

Marcus Arvan

Really neat - I think my exams are pretty dreary and that I should probably try this out. Your approach requires far more than regurgitation - it requires students to demonstrate real understanding, and the ability to apply theories and arguments to novel cases in everyday life. Thanks for sharing!

Kate Norlock

This is great, and I'd add that the week-to-week content mastery can be captured by in-class or online quizzes or very-short-answer homework. My students report finding that ten-item quizzes DO motivate them to get on top of the basics of each reading, and it frees me up from thinking that larger projects have to test their knowledge of all the theories. Knowledge of theoretical aspects is for quizzes, so that I can instead assign reflection, practice, evaluation, and consideration of implications of a view for bigger projects.

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