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Mike Titelbaum

Coming from an R1 search committee perspective, I totally agree on the not BS'ing point. If you're ABD, don't pretend like you have it all figured out. You could maybe give an example of some balancing you've had to do in the past, or explain some good advice someone gave you, or say something like, "I imagine in my first year I'll devote a lot of time to developing my courses, but after that once I'm re-teaching things I should have more time for research." Or maybe segue into your plans for how to generate immediate publications from your dissertation.

On the other hand if you've been in a job for a while, probably a good idea to mention techniques that have worked for you, and maybe be reflective about how the balancing challenges in the (potential) new job will differ from the challenges in your present job.


I should mention this is just another example of why adjuncting as a grad is a good idea. Some grads really do have to balance a lot - I had to balance teaching 4 courses at 2 institutions, writing a dissertation, serving as an RA, and publishing. This is just to say that if you have done adjunct work, or other work even, it is something to talk about in the "how would you balance" question.

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