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That's just great! Congrats Marcus! Well-earned!


Awesome, congrats Marcus!

Marcus Arvan

Craig & Amanda: thanks so much! :)

Peter Furlong

Congratulations! I don't know that I would have been able to stick with a paper that long, but I am glad to hear that it paid off in the end.


Congrats! Care to share how many submissions it took? I recall a post here awhile ago about a paper accepted to the European Journal of Philosophy that took 22 submissions! Did you beat that record?


My recent paper ‘Another look at color primitivism’ took me almost 5 years to get published after many many complete redrafts. Not sure I could stay with a project 11 years! I was going to give up. I admire your tenacity. Congrats!

Marcus Arvan

Anon: Thanks! The project is so old that unfortunately, I didn't keep track of submissions. I definitely didn't break the 22-submission record. As a guesstimate, I'd say something like 10-12 submissions (though maybe a few more than that, I just don't remember!). One reason I didn't submit it to more places over 11 years is that, after some early rejections, *I* wasn't happy with it. I knew there were fundamental parts of the paper that weren't working, so for a number of years (probably the past five or six years), I mostly just wrestled with it myself: drafting, trashing, redrafting, etc.

Pendaran Roberts

Journal of the American Philosophical Association is doing well in Leiter's new journal ranking poll with it looking as if it might make it into the top 20 generalist journals. Not sure if you care, but thought I'd mention it.

Chris Stephens

Congrats, Marcus! I remember seeing a version of this at UBC when you were here for your VAP. I'm glad you stuck with it and persisted all these years!

Marcus Arvan

Thanks so much, Chris. I remember that presentation well, both for the good feedback I received and for its role in helping me realize how many problems in the project I hadn't yet worked out! ;)

Marcus Arvan

Hi Pendaran: Thanks for pointing that out. As I expect you know, I'm pretty skeptical of journal rankings. But I do hope the Journal of the APA does well, as I am a big admirer of its editorial statement and overall vision!

Pendaran Roberts

I'm skeptical of Leiter's poll tracking anything objective, but I'm not skeptical of rankings per se.

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